The Best Ankle Holster to Purchase in 2022

When it comes to concealed carry, chances of a person thinking of the ankle position are minimal. As much as it is well known that your ankle's position can conceal a gun you are carrying, this action's efficiency is questionable as it can be hard to access your weapon when you need it.

Ankle holsters were created so as to solve this problem. They provide you with ease pulling out your gun when a dangerous situation arises. A good ankle holster is one that offers you maximum comfort and does not dig into your flesh or cause irritation to your skin.

There is a big difference between handguns and pistols; therefore, not every ankle holster can accommodate your weapon of choice. For this reason, ensure to purchase a holster that is compatible with your gun. Manufacturers have come up with holsters suitable for either compact and subcompact pistols or full-frame pistols. Therefore, it is important to identify one that is budget-friendly and suitable for general use. In this article, we shall review the best ankle holster available in the market today.


Reviews of the best Ankle holster in 2022

People have the need to conceal their weapons or carry a backup weapon just in case they unexpectedly get into danger. The ankle holsters are used to hide a weapon in plain sight. They offer different features that work with other pistols and revolvers. The concealable ankle holsters are famous for the security they offer. However, it is challenging to pick the best ankle holster from the variety that is available in the market.  The holsters mentioned in this article are some of the best available in the market today.
opplanet galco ankle glove ankle holster

The Galco ankle glove is one of the best ankle holsters popular among firearm users. It is designed to be reliable and durable through the use of top leather construction.  The aesthetic used on the  Galco ankle glove holster makes it durable and enhances its look. These aesthetic looks are enhanced by the neoprene ankle band with a Velcro fastener. This band and fastener make the use of the ankle glove holster comfortable and secure to an ankle with 13 inches circumference. It is designed with a thumb break, which adds an extra layer of security to prevent takeaways while in the field. Galco ankle glove comes with an adjustable extra calf strap, which makes the holster more comfortable to wear. This holster is best for small and medium frame pistols and revolvers and is mostly purchased by serious gun carriers. Some of the pistols include Glock 42, 26,27and 33.


Ankle band

The ankle glove holster has a band that can fit an ankle of up to 13 inches in circumference. It is created with a neoprene band with a Velcro fastener.

Comfort and durability

It is a comfortable holster that is durable and reliable.


  • It is designed with a retention strap enhanced with a reinforced thumb break.
  • The ankle glove holster band is created using neoprene material and comes with a Velcro fastener and a calf strap.

opplanet gould goodrich b816 ankle holster

The Gould and Goodrich Concealment holsters are unique and the best ankle holsters that make no compromise on quality. It has an excellent finish. The holsters are designed with additional options that offer different customers different features depending on what they want. They are designed with an adjustable hook and loop band made of neoprene, which keeps the leather holster secure. It is further machined using sheepskin, which ensures it is comfortable for wearing during long periods. It comes with a garter.



Sheepskin is used to align the inside of the strap to make it comfortable.

Neoprene band

It has an adjustable neoprene band.


  • The package includes a garter
  • There are different types of ankle holsters
  • They are created with great expertise

opplanet desantis right hand black leather ankle holster

DeSantis Leather Ankle Holster has been designed using Velcro closures. The inclusion of these thumb straps eases the taking off and putting on of the ankle holster. It has a positive snap device, which helps secure the weapon when placed in the holster. They come in different sizes, and the ankle holster has a molded shape of the gun they are required to carry. Through several of its features, the holster is reliable and has a positive retention rate.


Made of leather

The holsters come in leather material, which is black and unlined.


It has foam padded suede to enhance comfort.


  • There is an optional support strap included in the holster package.

opplanet galco ankle lite ankle holster

The Galco Ankle Lite Ankle Holster is comfortable and highly secure. It is a lightweight ankle holster with sheepskin padding, which helps in the absorption of sweat. The use of sheepskin prevents the ankle from getting hurt from gun pressure at any point of the leg. It is ideal while carrying a semi-automatic pistol or a double-action revolver. Galco decided to add the Galco ankle lite to its line of concealed- carry holsters that created a variety for the Galco lovers. The pros of using the Galco lite is that it allows you to experience maximum comfort from your carry holster at an affordable rate. The main challenge with the Ankle lite is that it does not work with photoluminescent sights.


Maximum comfort

It is comfortable because it has sheepskin padding.

Easy to strecth

It fits ankles up to 13" of the circumference and is designed using a neoprene ankle band with a fastener made of Velcro.


  • It is lightweight, thus, easy for concealed carry.

The Gould and Goodrich 716 Boot lock Ankle Holster is an ideal backup gun holster crafted using quality materials and featuring top leather construction. It is machined using tempered reinforcements made of steel and rigid composite materials. It is further enhanced using molded plastic, which ensures it is durable and sleek. The device keeps the weight of the gun off the ankle hence does not prevent movement.  There is an extra layer of protection through the laces, which helps in securing the boot.


Easy to secure

It is secured using boot laces.


The holster has detailed molding, which helps keep it durable and sleek.


They are machined using steel reinforcements, rigid composite materials, and molded plastic.


  • The holster is concealable and has a leather finish.

  •  It comes with a boot wrap.

opplanet fobus holster

The Fobus Taurus TA85A Ankle Holster is specifically designed for the right-handed draw. The ankle holster is secured on the left ankle and is comfortable for daily use. It has a lightweight design, and the Velcro strap attached to it is adjustable. The pros of having Fobus holsters is that they feature a passive retention deployment system, which allows quick draw.


Easy to Adjust

The Velcro strap attached to it is adjustable.


It is a lightweight ankle holster that is comfortable.

Maximum Comfort

For increased stability, the ankle holster has a suede-lined Cordura pad for comfort.


  • The ankle holster has passive retention and rapid deployment.

opplanet fobus ankle holsters

The Fobus Ankle holster is a standard ankle holster commonly used by right-handed people. It fits different types of pistols, including the Glock 26 27, and 33. They are lightweight ankle holsters that have a thick suede Cordura pad. The holsters are designed for concealment through a low profile design. Most people are, however, not a fan when it comes to the general aesthetic of the Fobus ankle holster.


Maintains a low profile, which enhances pant leg concealability.

Passive retention

They are designed with a retention adjustment crew.


  • It has a rapid deployment feature.

  • It is aligned using the suede Cordura pad.

opplanet gould goodrich bootlock ankle holster

Gould and Goodrich Boot lock Holster is an innovative holster laced directly to the boot to secure the weapon on the user's ankle. The weapon retention system increases the comfort of the holster as well as aids the mobility of a person. The holster has no chafing, loose fits, or uncomfortable straps. It features a thumb break safety, which increases the stability and retention of the weapon. It is a lightweight holster concealed and comes in different sizes to accommodate revolvers, auto pistols, and medium auto pistols.



It is a lightweight concealable holster.


  •  Has a thumb break safety

  • Available for both left and right-handed people.

opplanet gould goodrich neoprene ankle holster

The Gould and Goodrich Neoprene Ankle Holster is an affordable handgun holster with a secure and comfortable mounting platform. The holsters are a lightweight neoprene ankle wrap with soft sheepskin pads that provide comfort for the user. It can accommodate small and medium frames and guns. The concealable holster has an adjustable thumb strap to make it more secure. It is designed with a D-ring, which is used in attaching the Gould and Goodrich leg garter.



It has sheepskin that makes the holster comfortable to wear.

Holster fits

The holster is secure and comfortable.


  • It is available for both right and left-handed persons

  •  An ankle wrap is a machine with neoprene

  •  It includes a D-ring for use by the leg garter

opplanet uncle mike

Uncle Mike's Ankle Holster for Small Autos is a durable holster designed using the Cordura nylon. Soft knit fabric is used to make it comfortable to wear for long periods. The ankle strap is made of Velcro, and it is adjustable and removable as well. It has a wraparound design for use around the ankle and to help keep it concealed. The holster model's right and model is concealed inside the left pant leg, and the left-handed design is concealed inside the right leg. It can be used to secure small automatic guns and is available for a wide range of firearms.


Concealed carry

It has a concealed carry leg holster design.

Holster fits

Easy to draw a weapon from.

Calf strap

They are designed with an adjustable calf strap.


  • The thumb break is reinforced.

  • Available for popular handguns.

  • It is comfortable and durable.

The best glock 26 ankle holster 

A Glock 26 ankle holster is considered a nearly perfect fit, and most people use it as their primary carry gun. Those who own a Glock 19 or 17 would, on most occasions, choose a Glock 26 holster as a backup. Some people use their spare guns to wrap spare magazines and carry multiple Glocks 26s. With a Glock 26 holster, deep concealment is key, and therefore you should purchase a good holster that will give you maximum support, hostler fits, and retention. Any substandard gun holster will not carry well, even a light pistol. You can purchase an ankle holster which comes with a spare magazine pouch and a calf strap for your everyday concealed carry. Therefore, let us look at the best Glock 26 ankle holster that you can purchase.

ShapeShift Ankle Holster for Glock 26

The shapeshift holster is custom made for the Glock26. It ensures that the trigger guard is kept safe with no instructions. It allows the user to adjust the retention and fit the desired setting. The comfort that the Shapeshift ankle holster gives is unprecedented for any Glock 26 holster and thus considered the best ankle holster for a Glock 26. This comfortable wear gives its users peace of mind as it is backed by a 30-day test trial and warranty period. If you are looking for a good ankle gun holster, then you should try Alien gear holsters as they are the best concealed carry.


What is the best ankle holster?

There are different models of ankle holsters which people use to carry concealed weapons. The ankle holsters have different features, and this is what sets them apart. The Beretta leather ankle holster is among the very best in the market today. It is a two leather band holster that is topped with loop and hook material. Its design is unique, with a classic Italian design with a touch of modernity. The two loops go around the ankle and the calf, respectively. The material of the leather straps stretches to fit different sizes of ankles and calves. It is machined from pure leather and shaped to fit the different guns it should carry. It has an amazing look and feels, which makes it popular amongst most users.

The durability of the holster is one of its main strengths and continues to make it popular. The gun is, however, designed for only limited models of guns. The old designed holster accommodates different users while offering comfort to the user. It has neoprene padding and an active thumb strap retention, which helps with the absorption of sweat. The shapeshift shell designed holster is adjustable through its passive retention. It is also very secure and can be adjusted for carrying but even when not using 6-inch boots. The holster has a heel strap through the durable polymer insert.

The best ankle carry gun to purchase

Firearm users carry deep concealment or a backup gun for their own safety. As a firearm enthusiast, you should select the best ankle holster and get the best gun that you can ankle carry. AS a shooter during self-defense, it is vital to have a backup when your main weapon fails. Over time the world has transformed from J-frame to more advanced subcompact and semi-autos pistols that are exciting to use and hold more rounds. Below are some of the best ankle carry guns available in the market today. 

Glock 43 

Glocks are considered the best semi-auto pistols and are subcompact in nature. Glock 43 holster fits are the most popular in its size class. It is slightly bigger than a Glock 42, and instead of a pk380, it is chambered for a 9x19mm. Glock 43 is ideal as it has slim dimensions that easily fit in the ankle holster. You can purchase a leg carry glock holster which comes with a  magazine pouch compatible with your Glock 43 

Smith Wesson pm9

The smith Wesson pm9 holster fits is one of the best guns to ankle carry. It is a 9mm subcompact and has a slim width; thus can easily fit into a hostler. The Smith Wesson shield is accurate and reliable and considered the basis for which modern carry guns are judged. The Smith and Wesson holster fits are among the most sought after carry holsters today.

Ruger LCP

If you are working-class and on a budget, then the J-frame Ruger LCP backup gun should be your go to. Ruger is well known for assembling guns that the working class can afford, such as the LC9 and the EC9. The Ruger LCP is slim and lightweight and is a single-stack subcompact pistol that utilizes a striker-fired mechanism trigger. It holds 7 + 1 of 9mmrounds and is a solid pistol that perfectly fits an ankle holster. J-Frame Ruger LCP has some pros such as the dovetailed spot sights feature that improves its accuracy.

Sig P238 

The Sig P238 ankle holster is a perfect fit for the micro 1911 Sig P238 pistol. This pistol gives its users accurate shots as compared to the traditional micro.380. With the Sig p238, it can stretch out further with some practice. This pistol is unbelievably small as much as it can hold a modest 6+ 1 rounds of Ammo. That's similar to the 9mm subcompact single-stack guns. The SIG P238 weighs 25 percent less than a one-pound boot; thus, it is perfect for deep concealment. This carry gun is suitable with any of the ankle carry holsters sold in the market.

Beretta M9

The Beretta M9 is a good gun for concealed carry. The most holster used to carry it is the Pro-tech tactical holster, which comes with a pouch for the magazine. It has a four-wall rugged construction, and the inside is made of a vinyl vapor barrier that helps keep the moisture of the Beretta M9. The foam padding and the nylon lining in the holster ensure that you have maximum comfort when using it. The Pro-tech holster comes with adjustable straps that ensure that the Beretta fits in well when you tie it to your leg. The holster also has velcro closure straps to ensure the quick release of your gun. 

The best glock ankle holsters 

The classic means that most gun users use to conceal carry is by use of an ankle holster. Most of the time, these holsters are considered more or less as calf holsters, but they still maintain the name ankle holster. They are perfect for carrying a backup gun under a conceal carry. Overtime, ankle holsters have become more comfortable, safer, and capable of holding a gun. Therefore, let us look at some of the best glock ankle holsters that you can purchase.

AlienGear Shapeshift Ankle Rig

The alien gear holsters are perfect for the Glock 19 and come with a classic leather design designed to fit the ankle with the aid of a strong ankle holster rave. This ankle holster is adjustable to six different height rides for the Glock 19. It can be used by multiple Glocks as long as you switch the shell and has a perfect form-fitting design. Alien Gear is the most comfortable and supportive ankle holster in the market today. It has a hook and loop retention strap, which ensures that the carry gun is held in position. One of its biggest pros is that It is secure, and anyone can easily use it for concealed carry holsters of the Glock 19. The only challenge is that sometimes it can be difficult to get it on and off. 

Best ankle holster for glock 43

Glock 43 is currently the leading edge design of Glock engineering and ergonomics for concealed carry. Even though no Glock can meet everyone's needs, the Glock 43 slimline offers many the optimum reliability balance, handling, and excellent deep concealment. Hands-on field experience is essential in helping you determine which ankle carry is best for you. Discussed below is the best ankle holster for Glock 43.

Galco AG800 ankle glove

The AG800 Galco ankle glove for Glock 43 is mostly used by serious gun carriers who require deep concealment and thus prefer an ankle carry. It has a band of ankle gloves wide neoprene used to secure the holster to the ankle with velcro fastening. The Glock holster also has a thick sheepskin and looks the part with its gun specific profiling. The disengaging retention is not with the index but the thumb finger, making it easy to place your thumb on top of the Glock 43 trigger guard. For carriers who prefer deep concealment and carry holster, then an ankle holster rave of the Galcos ankle glove should be your best fit. The AG800 Galco ankle glove has been upgraded for comfort using the new nylon strap, located on the top part of the velcro. This strap is used to hold the gun to your ankle in a perfect position that can easily be reached at.

Desantis Die hard Glock 43 holster

Desantis is also one of the best ankle carry holsters in the market as it embodies the principle of durability and performance. It has a smooth leather lining, which protects the Glock 43 finish by ensuring that you achieve the smooth, silky quick draw when pulling out the Glock. It offers its user the ultimate comfort that they desire. Desantis produces some of the most amazing leather holsters, which are the most comfortable to wear an ankle band. 

What is the best pistol for ankle carry?

The Sig P365 is one of the best guns to carry using an ankle holster. It is a great product and works exceptionally well as a backup weapon. The gun has a 10+1 capacity with a flash magazine. It also has a more subcompact pistol, which comes with a full size 1911, making it perfect for ankle carry. It is one of the most popular weapons, and it has won the 2019 handgun of the year through illustrator magazine NRA shooting. It is equipped with a stop and a spring as well as a grip model.

There is no manual safety in the weapon, and its trigger works with striker firing. The trigger face's safety level is non-existent; hence, it is recommended that the sig is carried in a type of holster at all times. The holster covers the trigger preventing an accidental shooting. The weapon is capable of dry firing, and several tests have been done to attest to this. The subcompact gun is the best for ankle storage as its size is perfect. Despite the small design, the gun and its ergonomic design make it significant. The magazine's extension allows for easy shooting with the fingers on the grip. 

Are ankle holsters any good?

The use of an ankle holster has several benefits to the user of the holster. The most popular of the benefits is the ability to carry a concealed weapon as a backup firearm while concealing it. In most cases, the primary firearm is stored in the upper part of the body for easy reach. The backup firearm's role in the ankle holster is to help when one runs out of ammunition or severe malfunction in the primary weapon. It is therefore important to use an ankle holster.

An ankle holster provides a place to keep weapons away from prying eyes. It provides the user with the element of surprise. It is also necessary for the holster to be available for persons who need to carry several weapons. The need to go into battle fully prepared has helped increase the importance of ankle holsters. Law enforcement personnel carry gun holsters as a back for their operation, making them useful at all times. 

Based on these benefits, ankle holsters are considered very useful and important to security and military personnel. They are part of the tactical gear and come in handy in different situations. As a firearm enthusiast, you can use our reviews to inform your selection of a holster. The most famous online platform to purchase this product is from the Alien gear holsters. All you need to do is create an account, please enter your details on the site, and then proceed to add items to your shopping cart. Before purchasing an item, you can check out its reviews. In case you do not remember your password, the website will email a password to you anytime you hit the password recovery button. 

Which leg do you prefer as an ankle holster?

In most cases, the ankle holster is worn on the inside of the leg. The ankle holster can be worn on either the right or left leg, depending on the dominant hand of the individual wearing the holster. Every person needs to know about which leg they would prefer to wear the holster. The left leg is usually preferable as most people are right-handed. Wearing the ankle holster on the left leg helps in quick disengagement of the holster and getting ready for action.

Other members of society wear it on the outside of the ankle of the right leg. In this case, the holster can be disengaged easily as well. However, the left leg is more reliable as it provides room for the individual to conceal the weapon and easy removal without notice. It is ideal for individuals to wear the ankle holsters on the leg in which they are comfortable. For other people wearing the ankle holster on the inside of the right leg is preferable. It is quite common for persons who are left-handed and use the left-handed in the shooting. This action makes it quick to disengage the gun from the holster and fire. The holster should be placed somewhere within close proximity for the user to reach for the gun encompassed in it and get into action. 


If you are a firearm enthusiast searching for the best ankle holster, this article is for you. The most premium hostler in the market today is the Galco. This particular brand may be a perfect solution to your troubles as it has been designed to accommodate a wide range of Glock pistols such as the 26 27, 33 and Glock 42 models. Make sure to select a hostler that guarantees you a quick release and retrieval, secure storage, additional carrying capacity, and wearing comfort.

A practical holster should have a generous opening that will allow you to use minimal effort when pulling the gun out of the chamber. For additional security, holsters with non-slip linings are the best as these elements will provide you with traction, which will hold your gun in its rightful place once holstered. 

Additional carrying capacity will mainly apply to those whose sole purpose is not deep concealment to enable them to store the extra magazine. When it comes to wearing comfort, ensure that the design you will purchase has neoprene material and a stretchable capacity that will easily conform to your legs' calves. A lightweight ankle holster with extra padding is the most desirable. Please enter your details and leave us your feedback concerning the reviews we have provided.

They offer different features that work with other pistols and revolvers. The concealable ankle holsters are famous for the security they offer.

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