Using the The best OWB Holster for Carrying Your Handgun Anywhere

You want to conceal carry by wearing an OWB holster. However, is it possible? Concealed carry with an OWB holster is a lot more challenging than IWB carry, but it is possible. Although concealing an OWB holster is not as easy as IWB, professionals have been doing it for ages. 

Due to their line of work, federal agents, police officers in plain clothes, and a good deal of people have to carry a gun with a concealed OWB holster.

If people who carry guns for work can do it, then probably everyone else can. But choosing the best owb holster is a personal decision that needs your attention on some guidelines to help you decide which will work best for you. The first thing to consider in choosing a holster is how you want to carry your weapon. Both inside the waist (IWB) and outside the waist (OWB) holsters are the ideal choices for carrying your gun on your hip. While concealed carry IWB holsters need larger or wider pants, concealed carry OWB holsters are comfortable and can be concealed by wearing a long shirt.

Besides the holster, to make things comfortable for yourself, you also have to consider the gun belt. Although a belt may not be as important as the gun or the holster, using a good belt is essential in your concealed carry tools. Your average department store belt will not work efficiently for OWB holsters.

The best OWB holster is reviewed below:


Best OWB Holster Products Reviews

Galco Fletch High Ride Belt Holster

opplanet galco fletch high ride belt holster leather mcimage spids


  • Made in the USA: Made from the top 2% of leather from the USA, transformed into functional pieces by experienced craftsmen.
  • Designed to Fit: Hand molded design made to fit specific firearms, such as 5" 1911 Colt, Kimber, Para USA, Ruger SR1911, are among those with the same barrel length.
  • Compact and Secure: This fletch is highly popular that features a reinforced thumb break for added security, accessible firing grip for a quicker draw, double-stitched seams for durability, and the trigger are covered for safety.
  • Comfortable Carry: A unique forward design contoured on the side of the body to the natural curve of the hip that allows a more comfortable carry and a narrower profile compared to a standard holster.
  • Premium Materials: It is constructed of premium steerhide and made to fit belts up to 1 ¾".


Galco Fletch high ride holster is one of the most popular designs. It is hand molded to fit specific handguns. This high ride holster was made for semiautomatic pistols and double-action revolvers. It is also available in right or left-hand designs and black or tan finish. 

Urban Carry Lock Leather Hybrid OWB


  • Lock Leather: Hybrid OWB leather holster provides safety, security, and tactical advantage of Kydex holster with durability, comfort, and premium leather concealment. The lock leather is superior in giving security and convenience.
  • Compact and Secure: It is a click-retention device integrated into a leather holster to quickly lock a gun in place by simply inserting it into the holster. No need for additional moves, no buttons to press, and clasps to attach. Just slide in to lock and pull to release.
  • Conceal or Open Carry: Reinforced opening, ideal drawing angle, premium form-fitted leather, trigger protection, right or left hand, lengthened sweat shield & pressure absorbing back, and ultra-thin profile. It accommodates 1.75" belts, no visible logo, 100% American made and backed by Urban carry gun holsters for ten years.
  • Designed to Fit: It can work for over 1000 models, including revolvers.


The integrated lock leather retention clip of the OWB leather is the ideal hybrid holster for both concealed or open carry. The versatility of this OWB (outside waistband/ outside the pants) leather allows it to work for open carry or concealed carry gun holsters.

You may holster your firearm before or after your hip. Other options for holstering are placing it on your strong side or the opposite side for a cross-draw. It is available for right, and left-handed versions, wherein strong side or cross-draw will use your dominant hand version. You can jump, move around, run, lean back, or even ride a bicycle without worries of getting it to fall off. You can use a standard Phillips screwdriver to adjust the retention that you prefer. With 225,000 pounds pressed form-fitted leather, this OWB holster keeps your gun in place, making it perfect for everyday carry.

It follows along the curve of your body, making the leather comfortable to your body. It has a lengthened sweat guard that absorbs any weight from the rear of the firearm slide or hammer, holding it off your skin as you move around or sit—designed with an ideal angle to avoid hassle when putting the holster on. It has an ultra-thin profile that keeps your gun hugged tight to your body without any unnecessary visible logs or bulk. 

opplanet alien ear holsters


Hand: Right

Gun Make: 1911 Platform

Gun Model: 1911

Fabric/Material: Durable Polymer, Polymer


The Alien Gear ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster is durable and most versatile outside the waistband holster. It is molded from a polymer blend similar to making firearms, which can take anything you can dish out. The Alien Gear ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster is a great gun carry in any environment.

This paddle holster is custom-molded for a specific model and makes of the firearm you ordered the holster. It allows you to enjoy custom quality fit and retention as precisely as you want. The thumb release is an optional feature for active retention, while passive retention is fully adjustable.

This OWB paddle holster is adjustable for cant angle and attached to the waistband. But, the paddle attachment is replaceable with a belt slide. The Alien Gear Shapeshift OWB Paddle holster is the strongest possible holster available, designed to offer secure and comfortable carry in any environment for years. It is also fitted with Shapeshift holster docks and specific shapeshift accessories.

The paddle holster is equipped with Alien Gear IronClad to guarantee a 30-day test drive trial period and forever warranty covering all damage or manufacturing defects. It is also a seismic shift as expected from a carry rig.

Comp-Tac International Outside The Waistband Holster


  • All Kydex holsters are perfect for competitive shooting.
  • It is a custom fit for each firearm that keeps its shape even if the pistol is not holstered.
  • Smooth, low friction surface that allows fast draw and easy one-hand re-holstering.
  • Guards sweat and solvents.
  • Allows tightening or loosening of the holster on the firearm.
  • Perfect for competition shooting.
  • The cant is adjustable with eight mounting holes, which would enable a straight or quick draw.
  • Belt mount secures hold is designed with a curve to fit on the hip comfortably.
  • Paddle mount slips over the belt and inside the waistband for comfort and security.
  • Drop offset support is designed to help keep the pistol away from the body.


The Comp-Tac International Outside The Waistband Handgun Holster is durably molded from Kydex, perfect for competition shooting. Its impeccable fit and finish and adjustable holsters come with three mounting options: belt mount, drop-offset mount, paddle mount.

They are famous for concealed carry and duty use. Comp-Tac International OWB has a low-friction interior that allows smooth, secure, and rapid drawing one-handed reupholstering of your gun in any situation. 

opplanet comp tac otw paddle holster


  • Maintains its shape even with the pistol un-holstered
  • The smooth low friction surface
  • It is impervious to sweat and solvent.
  • The All-Kydex holster's body will not stretch or bend over time.
  • You can slide the holster on your belt using the paddle.
  • Two curving tabs grab onto the bottom of the strap that allows the holster to be stable.
  • Fits belts up to 1.75in
  • IDPA, USPSA, and IPSC legal


Comp-Tac Paddle Outside the Waistband Holster is perfect for field matches, an excellent option for regular concealed carry purposes. It is designed for IDPA, USPSA, and IPSC legal use in competitions. This paddle OWB competition holster has a low friction surface that offers fast draws and allows you to re-holster your firearm.

opplanet versacarry underground premium guardian owb holster



  • Multiple Hand Stitched Layers
  • Premium Water Buffalo Leather
  • Custom Imprinted Designs


  • Spare Mag Pouch
  • Comfortable Body Wrapping Design
  • Expedited Break-In Time
  • Raised Backing to Protect from Sharp Edges


  • Available in Black or Distressed Brown
  • Sizes Available for Most Handguns
  • Left or Right Hand Available
  • Full Size & Sub-Compact models will only work with handguns UP TO a 4" barrel
  • 1911/Micro models will only work with guns UP TO a 4.25" barrel
  • Racing Stripes Overlay


VersaCarry Guardian OWB Holster is methodically designed, including multiple layers of shaped leather. These layers are imprinted with custom etiquette designs, hand-stitched in a precise location, appeal, and functionality.

opplanet blackhawk omnivore holster


  • Multi-fit Omnivore Holsters fit up to 150 styles of semiautomatic handguns with an accessory rail
  • Level 2 Retention Uses two parts to hold the pistol securely in place
  • Adjustable Retention Mechanism Ergonomic thumb-activated retention mechanism delivers instant firearm access
  • Free-Floating Design Holster secures onto Rail attachment tool, doesn't wear firearm frame and finish
  • 3-Position Adjustable Release activated recall mechanism sets to fit your hand


BlackHawk Omnivore Holster BH-41900 is a multi-fit holster that accommodates more than 150 styles of semiautomatic handguns with an accessory rail. It has an active retention mechanism that does not wear off the gun's physical appearance. The Omnivore is the face of future retention holster technology that delivers unparalleled firearm access.

opplanet blackhawk serpa cqc holster


  • Passive retention through an adjustment screw.
  • Speed-cut design for a quick draw, target presentation, and re-holster.
  • It comes with a belt loop and paddle platform.
  • It fits multiple holster platforms like Shoulder, STRIKE, Quick Disconnect, and tactical.
  • An intuitive "l" shaped button is designed for security and performance.
  • Adjustable retention and audible click upon re-holster for security.


The Manual Entry Tool Pack is designed to carry the Special Operations Hallagan Tool or Special Operations Breacher, the ThunderMaul or Mini ThunderSledge, and the BoltMaster.

opplanet fobus holster for ruger lcp kt2g


  • Paddle or belt mount holster
  • Steel reinforced attachment
  • Adjustable tension screw 
  • Rubberized insert for comfort
  • The protective sight channel prevents wear off on pistol optics


Fobus Evolution Holster for Ruger LCP allows the user guy to access the firearm whenever needed. It keeps your gun secure when not in use. This Fobus holster comes in two choices, which are belt or paddle holster. It has a tension adjustment screw that allows you to customize the ease of presentation and security of retention.

opplanet don hume jit slide owb open carry holster


  • Premium Saddle Leather Construction
  • Middle Belt Loop & Side Covered Belt Slot for Stability
  • Neutral Cant
  • Supports Different Barrel Lengths of similar Frame Size
  • Fits belts up to 1 3/4"


Don Hume J.I.T. Slide OWB Open Carry can carry medium-sized to small autos. It has an open bottom, belt loop at the center, wrap-around front, and covered slot to pull the weapon close to the body.

Reasons to Have the Most Concealable OWB Holster

Other people might say OWB carry is an outdated option to carry a firearm but only when it comes to concealed carry. Although it has fallen out of favor with many gun enthusiasts, OWB is famous for duty wear. Having the most concealable OWB holster allows you to have one excellent gun experience with the comfort and security that it offers. Besides the apparent advantages, OWB holsters provide increased comfort and a faster draw and target presentation. Owning an outside the waistband carry holster for your gun is handy and truly necessary. 

What is an OWB holster?

Outside the waistband carry, concealment holsters are also referred to as OWB holsters, the most popular carry option in America. OWB holsters are comfortable, versatile, trustworthy, and easily accessible. You have the opportunity to carry your firearm on your belt or conceal it beneath flannel shirts, jackets, and hoodies with outside the waistband rigs.

OWB holsters connect to the belt using J-hooks, loops, and belt clips. They are commonly worn on the dominant side, with slight forward cant at o'clock. Although they might be obvious to carry in public, there are many advantages to this holster.


Comfort is the primary reason why people choose OWB holsters. OWB always feels comfortable no matter how big the gun is, and that is the significant factor that can guarantee that you will be able to carry your gun day in and day out. Even though comfort is not on the top list of priorities, it is somehow relevant. You will be able to carry it without the need to adjust from time to time, and it does not compromise concealment, displaying signs that you carry a gun.


The OWB holster is easy and comfortable to wear while sitting in a vehicle and accessible around a seat belt. Those whose job is like transporting valuables would appreciate the ability to be decisive, draw quickly, and fire swiftly.

What is Better IWB or OWB holster?

An OWB holster conceals less than an IWB holster because the entire gun is placed outside the pants. So it is vital to choose an outside the waistband holster that pulls the carry gun as close as possible to your outfit and, most significantly, to carry it on a strong beat, so it doesn't sag. On the other hand, IWB holsters are mounted on a belt, and the weapon is securely holstered inside the pants.

Since the OWB holster places the gun inside the trousers and in close contact with the skin, it's comfortable carrying a larger gun. But you have to be wise in choosing a covering garment. An OWB holster is more comfortable than an IWB because they carry a belt that is not a pulling holster. Some manufacturers add extra padding. IWBs are not as comfortable as OWB for all-day carry. OWB is the type of carrying you have to consider when picking a handgun on the trail for extended "walkaround" carry.

Overall, you have two choices: bravo concealment with medium comfort or moderate concealment holsters with enough ease. It depends on your individual needs.

Can You Conceal OWB?

With the right shirt or jacket, an OWB holster has high concealability. Besides the benefits of a faster draw and increased comfort, which are traditionally found with OWB carry. Most OWB holsters are designed to angle the firearm into the body and make a slim profile off the torso.

When a high-riding OWB holster sits high enough on your beltline, conceal it by wearing a long tail button-up shirt or buying a shirt in a tall size. A tall size shirt will be able to hide a high rider. If it cannot hide it, you have to choose the right outer garment, such as a jacket or suit.

Can you use an OWB holster for concealed carry?

Only wearing inside the waistband will enable you to keep a handgun covered completely wrong. You cannot only conceal carry an OWB holster, but professionals have also been doing it for years. It is as easy as concealing an IWB holster. IWB is a lot more concealable, but it does not mean that OWB carry is less concealable. A lot of professionals use OWB conceal carry. Federal agents, police officers in plain clothes, and many people have to carry a gun due to their line of work. If people do it for work, everyone else can as well. 

If you prefer OWB concealed carry, you need to have a strong belt. A strong gun belt is required to support the holster in place. The next thing is the type of holster you are using; it can be high, mid, or low-riding. The last two are the most difficult to conceal, and each puts the muzzle below the beltline, and a low-riding OWB holster puts it in front of the pocket. The lower the holster rides, the more you need an outer garment to conceal your firearm.

The Best Owb Leather Holster

Outside the waistband (OWB) or belt holsters are usually used by the military and police, and civilians who prefer to open carry their weapon. Having the best OWB leather holster is not just about safety but about confidently exercising second amendment rights and expressing your style. It comes in different models, such as Classic brown, brown on black, signature brown, or stealth black.

Are Tulster Holsters Any Good?

Cluster holsters have distinct features like matte edge finish and minimal material that provide maximum comfort and concealment. Each IWB formed a firearm for a snug fit with low drag. Extraction of excess material within the muzzle and retention screw offers a layer of convenience without puncturing into the body or thigh. One of the expected feedback among buyers is that the Tulster holster is great for everyday carry. It has a very smooth design, lightweight, and good retention. 


Security and convenience are at the heart of the best OWB holster for concealment. Learning about different types and brands of OWB holsters allows you to carry where you feel most comfortable and confident. OWB holsters are well-suited for beginners and most users. So you don't have to worry about your gun experience.

Galco Fletch high ride holster is one of the most popular designs. 

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