The Best Small of Back Holster to Purchase in 2022

The small of back carrying method is a carry style commonly used by civilians and those in law enforcement. If you have a backup gun and wondering how to carry it, then an SOB holster is an option you should consider. The backup firearm is meant to be concealed and only used when the need arises.

For civilians wearing a covering garment is a must as regulated by the government. Small of back holsters have two carrying styles. You can decide to carry it outside your pants or inside your pants as long as you ensure that you are using a hostler best for concealed carry.

Holster materials commonly used for the SOB type of holster are leather, plastic, nylon, and Kydex. SOB holsters have an open-top style to make it easier for the user to assess the firearm. These holsters are best suited for individuals who stand throughout the day as it is comfortable to carry it and easy to access. Small of back holsters also suit shooters who tend to kneel a lot, such as farmers or horse riders. Therefore, if you are interested in an SOB holster, then you are in the right place. In this article, we shall look at the best small of back holster that you can purchase.


Best small of back holster reviews

There are different small of back holsters that are used by most people. A police officer seeking the right SOB holster will make sure to look for a comfortable yet reliable holster to be used. A Small of Back Holster is designed to help law enforcement officers and military personnel while in action. SOB holsters help them by concealing their weapons and are suitable for carrying at any given time, even during training.

Holsters help people in carrying secondary weapons, which work as back-ups to the primary weapons they have. SOB holsters are mainly used to hold small pistols like the Glock series and other models, which are easy to fit and unfastened from belt holsters. Therefore, we shall review some of the best small of back holsters on the market today.

Gould Goodrich 806-G17

The Gould and Goodrich back Holster is a right-hand leather holster used to conceal weapons. The holster is made in the US and is considered to be among the top designed holsters. The high-quality leather machined holster is excellent for use and comfortable for most people. It is created to offer comfort and be efficient as well. The holster can fit belts with a width of about 1.5 inches. This holster is adaptable and can be used by both female and male individuals. It also has an adjustable retention screw as it does not have a retention strap, which ensures that it fits firmly with the belt of the person using it. The concealment holster works with the different Glocks available, which include the Glock 17,19, 22, 23, 31, 32, and 36. This model of style holster is great at it can fit most of the Glock sizes perfectly. 


  • Right-hand use
  • It is a right-handed holster.
  • Durable 
  • This holster is ideal as it is durable and will serve you for a long time.
  • Easy to adjust
  • It has an adjustable retention screw that helps in fitting it to belts.


  • The holster helps in the concealment of Glocks.
  • It is capable of fitting into belts of  up to 1.5 inches of width.
  • The holster is unisex, thus, it can be worn by both men and women.

Gould & Goodrich 806-G20 Gold Line Small Of Back Holster

The Gould and Goodrich 806-G20 holster is made in the US and is regarded to be among the top grain genuine leather made of vegetable. It works effectively with the Glock 20,to Glock 30. It also works with the Ruger SR9, Smith and Wesson and Ruger SR40. This holster conceals a weapon comfortably in the back and works efficiently as well. It can fit belts with 1.5 inches and below, and this makes it effective. The adjustable screw is used to increase and reduce the tension of the holster. The Gould and Goodrich holster model is popular and reliable. The high-quality leather used in its design makes it durable and reliable. It is a recommended model by most military personnel. 


  • Easy to adjust
  • It has an adjustable device attached to it that makes it easy to adjust 
  • Durable
  • The leather is designed to make the holster durable and reliable.


  •  It is a comfortable holster that conceals weapons in the back.
  • The belt can fit a belt of up to 1.5 inches and lower.
  • It is created to fit Glocks and Ruger models.
  • It is used with military personnel.

DeSantis Small of Back Belt Holster

The Desantis small of Back Belt Holster is an obtrusive holster that is discrete and helps in carrying concealed weapons. The small ack belt holster is a secure holster that holds the pistol in place. The holster is not obtrusive in any way and is used to conceal weapons. It is  carried in a butt-up position and is available in two different colors, black and tan unlined. The butt up position is unsafe for carrying and it is not recommended. The holster accommodates belts up to 1.5 inches which helps in fitting them into different belt sizes. The adjustable retension in the holstering device is used in the attachment of the holster to the belt loops. Desantis is a good belt holster as it has a sweat guard which allows the user to easily index reholster.  Therefore, it is important to note that the  best concealed carry holster for SOB is the Desantis holster as it fits many belts easily.


  • It accommodates belts with a 1.5 inches width.
  • The holster is used to carry concealed weapons.
  • It has a standard adjustable tension device.
  •  The holster is unsafe due to its unsafe position design.


  • It has an adjustable tension device.
  • It is designed to be stored in the butt up position.

Advanced Performance Shooting Holsters ASOB

The advanced performance shooting holsters ASOB is a custom made belt holster that is made with the specifications of the user. The holster is crafted in the Us and it is virtually unbreakable especially with hard use. The holster provides deeper concealment of weapons and it is designed to favor police officers and military personnel during special is easy to use hence fastening the removable of weapons from the holster and is suitable for everyday use. The holster offers authenticity and is considered a more superior product over the other holsters as it comes with a lifetime warranty. It helps in retaining the life of the gun regardless of the conditions and it rides close enough that it is perfect for concealment. The small of the back holsters work perfectly with pistols designed with red dot optics.


  • The holsters are custom built for every individual.
  • The design is virtually unbreakable.
  • It is a durable holster that is reliable.
  • The holster offers deeper concealment to avoid accidents from happening.
  • It is easier and fast to use the holster during combat.


  • It is authentic and built with the builder’s signature.
  • The holster works perfectly with pistols with the red dot optics.
  • It is a superior model of the small of the back holsters.
  • It is uniquely crafted to fit different belt sizes.

DeSantis SOB Holster fits Glock 26, 27, 33

The Desantis small of the back holster for Glock is a right-handed holster that is used to carry concealed weapons. The leather machined holster is tailored to be the best fr for the Glock 26, 27, and 33. The holster has an average height and width which makes it perfect. it secures the gun through the S.O.B holster and provides the user with discrete areas for concealment. It accommodates belts 1.5 inches wide and it is equipped with an adjustable tension device. The holster which is mostly used by the male gender is the least obtrusive holster and it works effectively, a fact that is enhanced by its durability. The holster is among the best holster for small the back holster and is regarded to be form-fitting in the sports and outdoors department. The right-handed popular is popularly used by policemen and other military personnel.


  • It is at least obtrusive.
  • It is machined using high quality leather material.
  • The holster is created to be durable
  • The holster secures pistols with the help of an SOB revolver.


  • It has an adjustable tension device
  • It has the most discrete areas for concealment.

The best back gun holster 

When choosing the best back gun holster, ensure that it can do a few essential functions. Safety is key, and thus, you should find a gun holster that fits both your body and gun. The retention strap should be strong enough to firmly hold your weapon in the right holster position and allow you to draw and reupholster it back easily. Below are some of the best options of SOB holsters available for purchase.

Kryptek Typhon Kydex OWB

This is a sob holster that allows you to attach your gun to your belt outside your pants. The Kydex OWB holster is considered comfortable to wear as it does not dig into you and allows you to draw your weapon from it easily. It is important to note that concealing this sob holster would require you to put on an extra shirt or a jacket as you wouldn't want to disclose that you are armed.

IWB Concealment express KYDEX Holster

Inside of the waistband holster has been rated as the most prolific method of SOB carry today. The holster is carried inside your pants while attached to your belt loops to conceal your gun. IWB holsters are made in varying styles, such as the multi-material to leather material models. Given their position, you will need some practice on how to draw from them. The Kydex Inside the waistband holster is machined to offer unparalleled consistency, quality, durability, and fit. This holster is made light so as to offer you comfort when carrying your weapon. Kydex holsters have an undercut trigger guard, ensuring that the holster does not interfere with your draw. 

Alien Gear ShapeShift

This is one of the most famous shoulder holsters you can use to carry your gun on your back. However, they are not the best if you are searching for a concealed carry. A shoulder holster is constructed using leather and a harness strap over your shoulder to support the gun. They are configured to hold a weapon in both horizontal and vertical positions essentially, and you can adjust between the two positions as you wish. You would need to wear a bulky jacket so as to conceal the fact that you are carrying a weapon on your back. When purchasing it, you can find one that has wide straps to distribute weight evenly.

They are great when you want to draw while in a sitting position. If the weapon is in the 7 O clock position, then using your dominant hand will ensure that you do not injure your spine.

The best SOB holster  

When it comes to small of the back holsters, most people wonder whether they will need a left-handed holster if they are right-handed. Well, the answer is no. Concealed carry holsters are rated as best if they are versatile and function well. As a gun owner, you should identify what is comfortable for you. IWB holsters and OWB holsters are preferred differently by people depending on their holster needs. IWB holsters are versatile and have an adjustable carry depth allowing you to carry in different positions. Therefore, let us look at the best SOB holsters available in the market.

Max Tuck and Micro Tuck Holsters

For a small back holster, carrying it in a reverse configuration is not the best thing to do. Reverse configuration refers to the process of having your firearm inside the waistband in a way that allows you to draw it with your palm facing away from your body. However, this is not the right approach. Therefore, if you are a right-handed person, you can purchase the Micro tuck or Max Tuck holster and use it with your right hand. Left-handed people can get a left-hand holster and adjust the clips by moving the trigger guard side downwards. Always ensure to get a proper grip on your firearm to avoid injuring yourself. 

Sob concealment holster

If you are looking for a small of the back holster that will perfectly fit your Smith and Wesson 380 firearm, then the SOB concealment holster should be your go to. It fits other similar sized pistols well too. The SOB concealment holster's trigger position goes deep; thus, any gun with a laser on it can fit in it perfectly. It has a sturdy nylon exterior for durability, while the inside is softly padded, giving it great comfort. The padding in this holster ensures that the firearm does not get wet even when you sweat. It is double stitched to prevent it from loosening; therefore, this SOB holster will always have your back. 

IWB tactical gun holster

This IWB holster is one of the best among the 1WB models. It is made of nylon and is a right-hand model made with pure linen inside to enhance firearm protection. It is ideal for subcompact pistol sizes and fits the Glock fits all the Glock sizes from Glock 26 to Glock 43x. This small back holster is to be worn inside the waistband. There are different style holsters available in the market depending on how the holster is. IWB  tactical holster is the direct opposite of an OWB holster worn outside the belt of your waistband. If you are looking for perfect concealed carry holsters, then this IWB holster should be your go to. Not only will it protect your Glock from being seen, but it will also provide you with easy access to it. In a split second, you can pull out your Glock and aim it at your attacker.

Braids Holsters-Glock 42

This Sob holster is an outside the waistband type of carry. If you have a Glock 42, you should consider getting this SOB holster for your everyday concealed carry. The holster material used in manufacturing this type of holster includes leather and nylon. All Glock models use a suppressor height sight except the Glock 42; thus, this SOB holster's design does not support suppressor height sights. If you want to carry your firearm using an SOB holster, then the Braids holster should be your go to.

Behind the back gun holster carrying position

If you are looking for an SOB holster, you should consider learning the different carry positions and finding one that will give you a great experience. When carrying a gun outside the waistband or inside, you will have many positions to place your gun. Around the clock carry positions will guide you in determining the best position for concealing your weapon. Ensure that you have a forward cant for your hip positions. However, SOB holsters do not have a hip plate as they are not meant to be carried on the hips. There is no single universal way to carry your gun behind your back as it depends on the type of body you have, the model of the weapon, and the kind of holster you have. Therefore, lets us look at the best behind the back gun holster position.

 6 o Clock position

If you are using small of back holsters, you must be aware that the 6 o clock position to 7 o clock position is best for left-handed people. This position requires the weapon to be drawn from the opposite side with your palm out if you wish to have a comfortable draw. Therefore, you need to ensure that the grip on your gun is in the right direction so that as you reach out to it, you can quickly grasp it properly. This is considered the most challenging position to draw one's gun from; hence, you should make sure that you do not muzzle yourself when getting your gun out of the holster.

The best Glock 19 SOB holster

Glock 19 is the most popular Glock purchased in the firearm industry. For this reason, most manufacturers have come up with an SOB carry that is compatible with this firearm. Due to the numerous options available, a firearm owner can get confused in settling for a holster that meets their needs at an affordable price. A Glock 19 SOB holster can either be an OWB OR IWB holster. This variety allows you to choose that which gives you maximum comfort. Therefore, let us look at the best Glock 19 SOB holster that you can purchase.

GLT19-Fobus Tactical

The Fobus Tactical is an excellent option for Glock 19 owners looking for an SOB carry holster perfect for their daily concealed carry. It is an OWB holster, and thus it is ideal for those who aren't fans of IWB holsters. This back holster is made of Kydex, which gives it maximum protection and has a paddle that keeps the holster in place when moving.

Gould & Goodrich B803 

This holster is famously known as the three Slot Pancake. It is made of vegetable-dyed leather and modeled to fit your Glock 19 perfectly. This leather holster has belt slots that make it easy to slide the holster over the belt up to one and a half inches wide.


Therefore, we can conclude that If you chose to go the SOB holster route, concealment, retention, comfort, and ease of draw should be the things you should look for in the holster. Concealment ensures that you carry your firearm without anyone noticing and, while at it, find a hostler that doesn't keep your muzzle visible. Retention is key for an SOB holster as the material used would determine whether it will withstand the friction when worn inside your pants.

The holster should completely cover the trigger of your firearm so that during the draw, your hands do not touch the trigger. Since SOB holsters are well known for concealing the small handguns sold today, people prefer them due to their comfort and the decent draw speed that it offers you. The draw may not be significant in sitting positions as you may injure your spine, but if you are running, walking, or doing any other activity, its draw speed is unbeatable. Therefore, make sure to find yourself the perfect SOB holster today and enjoy the excellent experience that comes with it.

This model of style holster is great at it can fit most of the Glock sizes perfectly. 

Gould Goodrich 806-G17
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