How to Move A Gun Safe at Home

For any gun owner, gun safety is of paramount importance. Having your guns fall into the wrong hands can bring you issues with the law or either have your family members hurt. For this, gun safes come in handy to provide you with an avenue to safely store your guns. Gun safes do not only store your firearms but also allow you to keep your other valuables. By design, gun safes tend to be bulky, as they are made up of weights ranging from 500 pounds up to 2000 pounds.

The logic behind this is to enhance the safe security by making it hard for unauthorized individuals to move your safe from your house.  However, the challenge arises when you want to move your safe from one location to another. Moving a safe can turn out to be a cumbersome task. It is generally advised to hire professional movers to move your gun safe for you. This is the safest and less stressful option. However, if you decide to move a gun safe personally, it is important to take time to do it right.  Do you wish to know how to move a gun safe? Well, read on to learn more. 

How to move a gun safe

Before you embark on moving your gun safe while at home, there are certain things to understand such as what items will be required when moving your gun safe at home. Do you want to know how to move a gun safe? Well, first you should carry out a risk assessment.

You will need to understand the route you are going to take when moving the heavy safe. This will help you know if there are any obstacles or household items on your path that need to be removed or any tight corners you need to be creative with when navigating. When carrying out a risk assessment, you can measure your home’s exit route to see if your safe will be able to fit well without bringing any harm to the walls or the windows. If you will need to transport the safe upstairs or downstairs, depending on where you want to place your safe, take time to access if the steps can sustain the weight of your safe. You certainly do not want to have any accidents during the move. If you are moving the safe to another location, make sure you get a moving truck that can accommodate the weight of your safe. It is also essential to know what type of ramp comes with the truck, whether it is the standard one or a motor driven one. This will go a long way in helping you know how to get the safe into the truck with ease.

There are several videos on YouTube that provide tips for moving a safe using appropriate moving equipment. Depending on the weight of your safe, it is also important to identify a few friends who can help you out during the moving phase. It is advisable to keep this number between three to five to ensure that you all don’t get overwhelmed. Having a few helping hands will go a long way in ensuring that the whole process is a bit easier than doing it alone.

Prepare for gun safe moving

A gun safe is a heavy-duty equipment; therefore, it is important to take some safety measures before you even begin moving it. First and foremost, take time to remove all the contents and valuables you have in your safe as they need to be transported separately. This will help to lessen the overall load of the safe and ensure that no harm comes to the contents during the gun safe moving process. Depending on the type of gun safe you have, it can have a removable door or not. If it comes with a removable door, take time to remove the door and move it separately from the safe. If the door is non-removable, make sure that it is well locked.

These two actions are done to ensure that no fatal personal injuries occur if the door was to accidentally open during the moving process. Moving a safe can be cumbersome and tiresome, but slipping the dolly underneath the safe makes moving the safe way easier. To move a heavy safe at home while using a dolly helps protect the floors of your house from damage. Ensure that the safe is protected from any accidental hits during the moving process by wrapping it with heavy furniture blankets. You can use tape or rope to hold them in place to make sure that the safe has enough padding.

Best way to move a gun safe

Once your safe is all prepped up, the next thing is to start the moving process. It can be tempting to decide to have you and your friends pick up the gun safe and carry it during the moving process. However, this is not advisable since the safe’s weight can easily cause fatigue, and carrying the safe in the wrong posture will be detrimental to everyone’s health. To navigate these problems, get yourself some proper equipment to help with the moving process.

Many people have divergent views, tips, and preferences regarding the best way to move a gun safe when at home. You might have come across individuals who swear by using items such as golf balls or PVC pipes to help you with the move.  These two options are, however, not a good choice. Golf balls are not reliable when moving a gun safe. They have been known to damage your floors by leaving marks after they succumb to the safe’s weight. On the other hand, while PVC pipes spread the safe’s weight evenly, from experience, it can be easy to lose control of the gun safe during the moving process, which can result in some unwarranted damages within the home.

From our experience, to safely move a gun safe, it is advisable to hire an appliance dolly cart from any moving company near your home as this is the best transportation method.  In Tarrant County, the safe dolly is the most commonly used when moving the safe. Choosing to use a dolly to move your gun safes while at home is one of the best tips you can get online.  If you are wondering what a dolly is, well, it is a platform that comes in various shapes and sizes and has two axles and four wheels. A dolly is used to move practically anything such as safes, boxes, and any piece of luggage, etc. A dolly is designed to quickly move around and navigate any paths you wish to move your safes or pieces of luggage through.

To ensure that you get the right dolly cart, provide your movers with your gun safe dimensions. If you are unsure of these details, providing your heavy safe movers with your gun safe’s brand and model will do the trick. In addition to the dolly cart, ensure that you get suitable gloves for a firm grasp and strong straps. These straps will help you to secure the gun safe to the moving dolly cart, preventing unnecessary movement during the moving process. While moving the safe, it is important to note that you should request for a security feature from County Lock and Key Company that will ensure the safety of  your heavy safe from theft.

How to move a 2000 pound safe 

In this article, we shall explain how to move a 2000 pound safe. First, make sure to protect the floors as it is essential to insulate your floors as a protective measure in case the safe falls off the moving dolly. To do this, cover the floors of your house with old rugs or blankets or thick cardboard sheets and select the most proper equipment. Moving a heavy duty piece of safe without a dolly can be cumbersome and may end up destroying your floor space if it falls. Next, you need to move and load the safe to the dolly and secure the safe. Position the dolly cart to one side of the safe. Have your friends stand on the other side and tilt the safe towards their end part. Slide the dolly underneath the safe until the other end rests safely on the cart. Once the safe is well adjusted on the dolly cart, strap this piece safely using the straps you got from the professional movers. After you are done, tip the dolly back on its wheel, and ensure it is well stabilized.

Moving a gun safe is not rocket science. It only needs strength, and the use of a dolly makes it easy when you want to move a heavy safe. With the safe, well-positioned on the dolly cart, you can now move it easily. Make sure that as you make the moves, everyone is briefed on what is happening so you can all be on the same page. Take your time, especially when navigating any tight corners as you move your dolly that you had identified on your route. When you come to the stairs, make sure to tackle a step at a time. This is because all the lifting and coordination involved in ensuring that the safe is balanced can be straining. Also, ensure that everyone is wearing work gloves, and they are in good shape to help out with the process. It is also advisable to put on comfortable closed shoes with good anti-slip soles to provide good traction and prevent accidental slips.  The idea behind taking these precautionary steps is to help in ensuring that the safe arrives at its destination in one piece.

How to move a 1000 lb gun safe

When moving your safe the type of truck available matters a lot. For those wondering how to move a 1000 lb gun safe, it is important to note that it would be easier to load the safe onto the track if it does not have a standard ramp. You will need to have one person at the front pulling the cart while everyone else is pushing from behinds. This is the most tiring step, and you might be tempted to quit in the middle. However, use the momentum you gather after every small move to ensure you do it at one go, rather than having to take hours doing it.

If the truck comes with a motor-driven ramp, the loading becomes much easier to carry the heavy safe. From experience, you should always ensure that the ramp in use can withstand the weight of the safe before loading the truck; otherwise, it will be challenging to move a safe with a broken ramp. Once the gun safe is loaded, please take the next steps of securing it to ensure that it does not make any unnecessary movements during transit. Taking it upon yourself to move your gun safe can be a chance for you to bond with your friends. However, due to the strenuous task, you should always put safety as the first and foremost requirement before you follow the other steps. For example, if the safe topples over during the relocation process, it is best to alert everyone to move out of the way and let it fall when moving a gun safe. Taking the necessary steps to put in place safety measures is critical because it is easier to replace a damaged floor than to put someone’s life in danger.


Taking time to do a risk assessment allows you to understand the amount of work needed for moving a safe and give you a chance to determine if you are willing to put in the work. Always remember that if the task proves too daunting, there are many movers out there. Therefore, you can get in touch with professional movers to get the job done. If you need to refer to this article in the future the next time I comment or update, you should save this article or save our website in this browser.

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