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It can be said that the AK-47 is perhaps the most widely recognized rifle in the world. In fact, this rifle is also the most widely used rifle around the globe as well. There are several factors that contribute to the ongoing success and popularity of this Russian rifle.

The inventor of the AK-47 was Mikhail Kalashnikov. He was in Russian in 1919 to a poor farming family. When he was younger, he wanted to be a poet. However, as most Russian men, he found himself a member of the army. Kalashnikov made his way through the ranks and eventually became a tank commander, until he was wounded while fighting Nazis at the Battle of Bryansk in 1941.

When he was recovering, he began to experiment with firearms design. Other soldiers noticed that the German soldiers all had their own automatic rifle, and they wondered why they didn’t have the same. Kalashnikov started coming up with his own designs for an automatic rifle that could be used by the Russian army. By 1947 he had perfected his rifle design. The rifle is officially known as the Avtomat Kalashnikova (Automatic Kalashnikov), and the “47” is a nod to its year of completion.

The AK-47 is not exceptionally accurate and it works best in close range scenarios. So why is this rifle so popular? The AK-47’s major selling points are that it is simple to use and it is extremely durable. In truth, it was designed to be easy to use, easy to repair, and reliable. Because the AK-47 is so rugged, it is the perfect weapon for dirty, sandy conditions or for those who are not disciplined about maintaining their firearms. It is designed with a simple firing mechanism, which means that the gun jams very rarely. In fact, an AK-47 can have a service life of anywhere from 20 to 40 years.

Why do you need a scope for your AK-47?

If the AK-47 is such a great all-around rifle, why should you need a scope? A good scope takes any rifle or firearm and transforms it into an amazing piece of equipment. This is why most people treat optics and accessories as a serious investment.

When you consider the popularity and reliability of the AK-47, it is no secret why people want to add a scope. This rifle has decent accuracy up to 300 yards, reliability in harsh climates, and its durability to continue to operate after tens of thousands of rounds being shot through it. The rifle will be with you for years.

Although this rifle was designed in the 1940s, recent innovations have made it possible to mount optics on it. The AK 47 performs best when paired with a scope. Using a rifle scope mounted onto your rifle will help you to improve your aim, especially for long distance shooting. Additionally, the AK 47 's can be tricky to accurately sight since they still feature iron sights.

So, if you are fortunate enough to own an AK-47, adding a scope will help you increase your shooting accuracy and give you more long range shooting opportunities.

What makes a great scope for an Ak-47 and how do you choose one?

One you have made the decision to purchase a scope for your rifle, it is time to do your research. The AK-47 is technically considered to be a short-range gun, but with the right scope you can expand your rifle’s capabilities out to mid-range and long -range. There are several factors you need to keep in mind when shopping for a scope.

1.Reason for using the Ak-47

The very first question to ask yourself is, how do you intend to use the rifle. There are many reasons why the AK-47 is a popular rifle but, people generally use it for short-range, mid-range, competition, or combat purposes.

You need to find a scope that will complement your intended use for the AK-47. For example, if you will be using the rifle for mid-range shooting, you will need a scope that has a fair amount of magnification. But if you will be using the rifle for combat purposes, such as self-defense or military use, then a scope that has a clear sight and eye relief will be the better choice.

2.Weight and size

The AK-47 rifle is not a lightweight rifle to begin with. It is durable and reliable because it is built using heavy-duty materials, and people appreciate this about them. With the rifle already being heavy, adding a heavy scope can make for an awkward and uncomfortable combination.

If you will be using the rifle and scope for big game hunting, you will be standing quite a bit. Now imagine standing for long periods of time with the added weight of the rifle and the scope. Your arms will be shaking. If you are stalking prey for hours, any extra bit of weight is going to be felt.

Since the AK-47 already weighs a fair amount, you should pick the lightest scope possible, that still has all the functions and options you need. For example, if you want an accurate scope, then the objective lens should be larger. This larger size means it has an increased weight.


The magnification refers to the scope’s ability to zoom into the target, making it easier for the shooter to sight it. If you will be using your rifle for either mid-range or long-range shooting, you should consider purchasing a scope with a decent amount of magnification. If you will be using your rifle to shoot at targets that are mid to long range, a scope with at least 6x magnification is recommended.


The AK-47 is the type of rifle that can be used to spray bullets onto multiple targets. You can still use it as an accurate rifle capable of hitting targets that are 200 yards away too. You simply need the right scope. Keep in mind that an accurate scope is one that can y zoom in on the target, and also one that you can easily calibrate in order to successfully hit the targets in the sights.

5.What type of mount does the scope need?

Once you have selected a scope, you need to be sure and choose the right mount for it. This can be a challenge if your rifle does not have a rail system already or a hand guard system where you can attach the scope to.

Making this step even more challenging is the fact that not many scopes on the market are designed for using with an AK-47. You will need to get creative when selecting a mount for the scope.

There are three different types of mounting systems that you can use for installing a scope onto your AK-47. These are the side mount, scout setup, and dust cover mounting. The side mount system is probably the most popular choice for used for the AK-47.

Some rifle owners prefer to mount the scope on the built-in dust cover mount. Dust cover mounting is lightweight. It has a lower profile and it is easier to install compared to the other options. However, keep in mind that the scope will be held in place by the AK-47’s recoil spring.

The scout setup is another common scope mounting method used for rifles. You can use this system by installing handrails or gas tubes that have Picatinny rails where you can mount your optics of choice.

The nice thing about this system is that it is fairly easy to use. It also allows you to clean your rifle without having to remove the scope and then re-zeroing it. Here re some recommended scope for the AK-47.

Best 5 Scopes for an AK-47

On The Market 2021


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Brightness Levels

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Ultra-Clear Coat Optical System


Best 5 Scopes for an AK-47

Reviews 2021

 1  UTG 3-9x Bug Buster

The Bug Buster is a great scope for an AK-47; it is very compact, making it very easy to manage, use, and store. The Bug Buster also has a nice 3-9 power magnification, making it suitable for intermediate cartridges.

This scope is well designed and made to stand up under pressure. It is shock-proof, water-resistant, and fog-proof. The optics are fully coated for optimal light transmissions. Because this scope also features a Mil-Dot reticle with a dual-illuminated feature, it gives you an easy and quick target acquisition.

This scope also has a huge and wide field of view. Another great feature of this scope is that it offers the most accommodating eye relief. The eye relief has a range of 3.2 to 4.2 inches.

Another nice design feature of this scope is the red dot sight. You can expect this red dot to switch from red to green each time the light turns on. This durable and well built scope has a great price point, is user friendly and has adequate levels for magnification and objective settings. In addition, this scope has a 2-inch sunshade as well as a flip-open lens cover or caps, and rings that are easy and quick to detach.

 2  Primary Arms SFP Rifle Scope

Next up is the Primary Arms 1-6×24 SFP.This scope has the nice addition of a second focal plane design, which helps in promoting rapid target acquisition. This design also keeps the reticle at a similar size throughout all of the 1-6 magnification levels.

This scope has a partially illuminated ACSS reticle, which uses a built-in CR2032 battery. In addition, there are 12 brightness levels you can use. It is easy to adjust the brightness, simply adjust the brightness knob so you can have the right levels for either daylight and low-light shooting situations.

Primary Arms constructed this scope with a durable aluminum body. It also features multi-coated lenses as well as being both waterproof and fog-resistant. This scope is truly lightweight and durable.

Also included with this AK-47 tactical scope are flip-up caps. This feature is great for preventing damage to the lenses when you are not using them. Another nice benefit is the reasonably longer battery life, which allow you to use the scope for many hours.

 3  Hi-Lux Optics

Hi-Lux optics has designed a great tactical and hunting scope with their Hi-Lux Optics CMR Series 1-4x24mm. Interestingly, this scope is primarily built and engineered to act as a military-grade riflescope.

This scope is perfect to use with the 7.62 projectile, making it a great choice for close and medium-range shooting. It also is constructed with an illuminated reticle, making it ieal for working in many different light conditions.

This scope is more than capable of delivering sharp sights. This is thanks to the use of multi-coated lenses that guarantee adequate brightness and incredible light transmission. The illuminated part of the reticle also guarantees that there is a minimal distraction when you use the scope for nighttime shooting.

Another nice aspect of this tactical scope is that it is easy when making adjustments on the turrets. It is because of its ½ MOA adjustment, which also features the patented and unique zero-lock return to zero.

This scope has multicoated lens built into it and it even comes with a cover to ensure that the lens stays protected. This features also makes the lens shock-proof, fog-proof, and waterproof.

 4  Trijicon TA02

The Trijicon ACOG Scope is another great scope for your AK-47. The first thing you will notice about this scope is how rugged and durable it is thanks to fantastic construction. This means that this scope is strong enough to endure a number of harsh conditions, allowing it to last for as long as possible.

This scope is battle-tested, which proves how useful it is for shooting or hunting. The Trijicon gives you the right amount of light and adequate magnification, no matter what your needs happen to be. Another great feature of this scope is the built-in reflex sights.

This feature is a big advantage as it instantly transforms the scope into one that can be used for a close-quarters weapon for defense. This scope is also designed to allow for rapid lighting adjustments. You can do this very quickly and easily with the help of its adjustable brightness dial.

The Trijicon scope is also compatible with or appropriate for night-vision devices. It uses and illuminated LED battery, which gives you better control and performance. This is truly one of the most flexible and versatile AK 47 scopes you can find in the market today.

This top-rated scope for the AK-47 is so versatile, that it is appropriate for the needs of individual customers, as well as military and law enforcement officers. Trijicon takes pride in its outstanding quality as well as the sealed battery compartment with the aid of an O-ring.

 5  Nikon Monarch 3

This scope has so many great features to recommend it. The first thing you notice is its low-profile and compact design. Even with this design, the scope still has an extensive field of view.

The power range or magnification levels for this scope is around 1-4. This still gives you the ability of shooting accurately on target. You can also shoot your target quickly with the help of the scope. The scope has been designed to be durable and rugged, which allows it to work perfectly with its German #4 reticle.

This reticle is a huge advantage because it ensures that there are minimal obstructions and distractions that are often caused by full crosshairs. With that, you are able to remain sighted on your target while also ensuring that you remain confident when shooting even when you are using the low magnification setting.

This scope is constructed to have maximum strength and minimum weight, thanks to using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material during construction. Another great design feature is that this scope makes use of large interior lenses, which maximize resolution.

The use of larger tubes also allows for wider windage and elevation adjustments as well as the best possible resolution. If you are using this scope in low light conditions, you will still have excellent performance

This scope is built to be fog-proof and waterproof, so rest assured that you can confidently take advantage of its benefits in various conditions.

How to zero your scope for your AK-47

Now that you have a scope, you need to zero it properly. It is best to do this at the gun range and ask for a target that is specifically made for zeroing scopes. These targets have a lot of markings that will tell you just how off the scope is so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Make sure that you mount the gun on a rest. When you are zeroing a rifle scope, you need to eliminate as much user error as possible. Using a rifle rest ensures that the gun stays steady.

Take three to five shots while aiming the center of the crosshair at the bull’s-eye.

Now go and look at your shots on the target. You can then adjust the windage and elevation on the scope accordingly until the center of the crosshair accurately tells where the bullet will hit. With your AK-47 it is acceptable to zero in the scope at 20, 50, and 75 yards. Make sure that you make smaller adjustments as the target moves further away from you. If you will be doing mid-range shooting, you can also zero the scope for 100 to 200 yards.


1.Which is better- an AK scope or Red Dot?

If you ask rifle enthusiasts if they prefer a scope or red dot on an AK-47, most of them will say that a red dot is the best choice. The AK-47 is not known for its accuracy. In fact, the AK-47 is popular because of its stopping power as well as its toughness.

Adding a red dot to an AK-47 increases your targeting power and speed. Attaching a scope onto an AK-47 will give you the ability to shoot further.

2.What mount should I get for my scope and AK-47?

There are several ways for you to mount a scope onto an AK-47, but there are three ways that are most popular.

The first type of AK-47 scope mount is the side mount. This mount is the preferred method of people who use the AK-47 for tactical purposes. When a tactical scope is set to the side, it is automatically placed nearer to the face of the shooter. This makes it faster to get a sight on the target.

The caveat of using side mounts is that it is much more difficult to zero the scope compared to using other methods where the scope is parallel to the barrel of the rifle.

Another popular mount method is the dust cover mount. With this method, the scope is placed right on the dust cover of the rifle.

The good thing about using this method for your scope is that it has a shorter profile and it is relatively simple to install. You do need to be aware though, that because the scope is on the dust cover and not on a secure mounting position, the scope will be a bit wobbly. You will also need to constantly zero your scope as it will lose it every time you remove the dust cover. And you will be removing the dust cover to properly clean your rifle.

The scout setup is another popular scope mount option for the AK. This method will require a bit more work and it is the most expensive system. First of all, you will need to buy a hand rail that has a Picatinny rail for mounting the scope. This is the only time when you can mount the scope onto the rifle. You will need to attach the rail to your rifle. If you cannot do this, a gunsmith can do it for you. Then you can add rings to the scope. You will attach the scope to the mount by using the rail and rings.

If you use the scout setup, you are allowing your rifle to be able to make somewhat accurate mid-range shots as the scope will sit a bit forward on the barrel of the rifle. There are other mounting methods that you can use to attach your chosen scope to your AK-47, you just need to base your choice on what you will be using the rifle for.

3.How do you mount a scope on an AK-47?

First, you need to make sure that you choose the right kind of mount to use for your AK-47 and scope. There are many mounts that are available for you to use, and there are even some AK-47 models that already have mounting rails built-in. Keep in mind that the built-in kind are usually on the dust cover, which is not exactly an ideal spot.

 Once you have chosen your mount, you will place your rifle on a vise that is installed on a secure base.

Next, tighten the vise just enough to hold the rifle securely while you are working on it. It is crucial that your rifle lies flat in the vise. To check this, simply put a level on any flat part on the rifle. If it is not level, loosen the vise and adjust the position of the AK until it is completely level.

Now you will place your mounting option of choice on the rifle. Then screw it down just tight enough so that it will fall off. Now check and make sure the mount is level with the rifle.

Once you are satisfied that the mount is in proper positioning, you can begin to tighten the screws evenly. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws. If you want extra assurance, you can put a small drop of Loctite over each screw hole to give it more strength.

Now you can go ahead and install the base on the rail. Make sure that it is in a position that is comfortable for you. Double check to make sure it is level before tightening the screws.

Now you can put the scope on the mounting base, but do not secure it just yet. Double check the position of the scope and make sure it is good for you. If you are using a side mount, make sure that the scope clears the bolt cover.

 Once the position of the scope is good for you and the scope is also level with the rest of the rifle, place the top of the securing rings on and then tighten each screw equally. In order to tighten the screws equally, turn each one a little bit at a time and rotate around. This way you do not have one screw that is over-tightened or one that is looser than the others.

 4.How do you mount a scope on an AK-47?

There is a wide range of prices when it comes to scopes. You can spend as little or as much as your personal budget allows. There are a few things to keep in mind, though.

Generally speaking, the more bells and whistles an optic has, the more expensive it will be. This is not necessarily a bad thing, if they are features you need and will use. If you do not need a lot of features, then a less expensive optic might be a better match.

It is helpful to know exactly how you will be using your rifle and scope before you go shopping for a scope. Ask yourself if you will be going big game hunting? Or maybe you want to for tactical, or self-defense, reasons. Maybe you are involved with 3 gun shooting or other types of competitive shooting? You need to know so you can make sure that you get a scope appropriate for your needs.

And another consideration is that the more features a scope has, the heavier it will be. This additional weight on top of an already heavy rifle is a definite consideration.

 Keep in mind too that most enthusiasts consider optics to be investments. It is acceptable to spend a bit more money on something that you will have and use for many years to come

 5. Will I need to zero my scope?

Yes. Anytime you add a scope to your rifle you should zero it before the first use. When you zero your scope, you are adjusting it so that your point of impact will always be as close as possible to a bullseye. If you remove our scope for any reason and then put it back on, you will need to rezero it before use.

Some people do not like the time needed to zero a scope. However, in the long run a properly zeroed scope is worth the time and patience when your shots fall with greater accuracy out on the field, when it counts.


The AK-47 is a rifle that is popular around the world. Users of this platform enjoy a solidly built rifle that is designed to last them for many years. This rifle is able to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is easy to use, easy to repair and easy to maintain.

This rifle is popular for different reasons. Some users prefer them for tactical shooting. Other users like the AK-47 for big game hunting. The reason why you choose to use an AK-47 will help you to choose the right scope for your rifle.

Since an AK-47 is good for close to mid-range shooting, being able to add a scope increases the ways you can use your rifle. When selecting a scope, keep a few factors in mind. You should pick a scope that matches your usage. Keep in mind that the more features a scope has, the heavier it will be. Since the AK-47 is already a heavier rifle, you do not want added weight.

With the right scope properly mounted, you can take your AK-47’s shooting abilities to new distances.

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