The 5 Best Scopes For The 300 Win Mag

For The 300 Win Mag

Introduced in 1963 and still one of their most reliable guns, the 300 Win Mag is the ideal gun for hunters interested in long range shooting and hunting. The 300 Win Mag is considered the standard, as opposed to the Short Mag. The 300 Win Mag is the ideal rifle for long range shooters, competitive shooters and law enforcement. This rifle is also used by the Army and the Marines, in case you needed more proof of how great it really is. Let’s take a closer look at the 300 Win Mag.

What is the 300 Win Mag?

The 300 Winchester Magnum is a belted bottleneck magnum rifle cartridge. This cartridge is made to fit in a standard rifle action. This cartridge is a very popular choice with hunters because it is very versatile in use. It is the ideal cartridge for shooting elk or moose. When used for long range shooting, the 300 Win Mag can shoot to 300 yards when properly zeroed.

Why do you need a Win Mag scope?

If you are using .300 Win Mag cartridges for long range hunting, you need a scope. The ideal scope will allow you to shoot at incredible distances. It is possible to shoot out to 1000 yards, and possibly further. when looking at scopes, make sure to choose one that can handle the recoil. And a scope with adjustments for windage and bullet drop is crucial. This will allow you to take your hunting game to the next level.

What makes a great 300 Win Mag scope?

When you start to look at scopes for using with the 300 Win Mag, you need to be sure you get a solidly constructed scope. The recoil is no joke and cheaper or lower end scopes will be destroyed without question. The ideal scope should have powerful magnification, excellent light transmitting capability, a BDC reticle or red dot, adjustments for windage and lens coating. You should be able to sight out and shoot to 100 yards in any light condition from dawn to dusk. And your scope can handle all the recoil that comes with using a 300 Win Mag.

How to choose a .300 Win Mag scope

You should definitely take your time when choosing a scope to use with your 300 Win Mag. This purchase is definitely an investment to will up your long-range shooting game. Make sure to look at all the aspects of a scope before purchasing it as you want to have it be in one piece for more than one use.

Here are some factors to consider when looking to purchase a scope.


The best scope for your 300 Win Mag is the one that is best for your intended shooting distance. Make sure to buy one that is meant for long range shooting. The rifle is meant to be used for long range shooting, so you want to be able to go longer than 300 yards. You should test the scope out on the shooting range. You should be able to adjust the MOA easily so that the scope can be quickly adjusted for all distances.

2. Light

Your ideal scope for a 300 Win Mag is one with great light gathering ability. Since you might be shooting game in many different light conditions, you want one that operates well in any light condition.


The 300 Win Mag delivers a whopping recoil. You need to be sure that your scope is made with high quality materials so that it will not be obliterated the first time you use it.

4. Reticle

A reticle is helpful when sighting your target. Some scopes will have sights, others may have a BDC reticle and some may have a red dot. This is an optional tool, but nice to have as it only helps to increase your aim accuracy.

5. Magnification

The magnification level of a scope is probably one of the most important factors when looking to purchase one. Magnification is defined as the range at which the scope can multiple what the eye is seeing. Magnification level is based on individual preference.

You need to be mindful of the type of shooting you plan on doing as this will help you decide what your magnification ability should be with a scope.

6.Objective lens

The objective lens is an important aspect of the scope. It is located closest to the rifle’s barrel. The lens is designed to allow light into the scope, which helps you to view the objects clearly. The larger the lens is, the more light that gets in. Keep in mind though, that a larger lens is also a heavier one.


Weight is an important factor. If you are out hunting, a heavier scope will contribute to user fatigue so you should choose a lighter weight scope. However, if you are going to be shooting at a range, you can use a bipod or sandbag and that will make the weight of a scope a little less of a factor.

8. Windage adjustment

The turret for windage and elevation are necessary if you want to adjust the reticle to in order to shoot closer to the target. It allows you to further adjust for accuracy and increase your chances of successfully hitting your intended target.

9.Lens coating

Lens coating on a scope serves two purposes. It helps to cut down glare for you when sighting your target. The coating also allows the light to be transmitted effectively for you to see the target and your surroundings. It is not a necessary part of a scope, but if you find a scope with lens coating you won’t be sorry.

Top 5 Scopes For 300 Win Mag On The Market 2020



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Top 5 Scopes for 300 Win Mag Reviews

 1  Vortex Optics Crossfire II

Vortex Optics is serious about their scopes and this one goes the distance. The Crossfire II is perfect for long range shooting. This scope is designed with eye relief, multicoated lens and it is also waterproof and fog proof.

This scope is constructed with a Dead-Hold BDC reticle. This feature allows you to use it for shooting at multiple distances. Vortex Optics also added an adjustable objective, which you can remove the parallax and clearly sight your target. You will always get a clear image thanks to the addition of multicoated and anti-reflective lenses. Add in the quick focus eyepiece and good eye relief and you have a great scope.

The Crossfire II is capable of standing up to heavy impacts and recoils, making this scope a good option to use with a 300 Win Mag.

 2  Athlon Optics

This scope is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and has high-grade light transmitting lenses, which makes it the ideal scope for any type of shooting condition you find yourself in. This scope is also waterproof so no need to worry about rain or snow. In addition, this scope can handle a heavy recoil with ease.

The optics on the Athlon Argos are ideal for low light shooting. The company also uses multi-coated lenses for optimal light transmission with regards to colors and brightness.

Argos gladly backs this scope with a lifetime warranty.

 3  Vortex Optics Diamondback

We have here another great scope option from Vortex Optics. The Diamondback scope features the ability to make subtle adjustments which greatly enhance the overall accuracy. Each click of the turret is equal to a ¼ MOA adjustment, so every 1/4th inch is equal to one hundred yards. You can also return easily to zero after long range shooting.

The Diamondback by Vortex Optics is also extremely durable thanks to the anodized aluminum finish. This scope is waterproof, shockproof and fog proof making it ideal for using your 300 Win Mag in the great outdoors.

 4  Nikon Buckmaster II

Nikon is a well-known name in the optics area, and that includes the Buckmaster II. This is a solidly constructed scope that is also waterproof, shockproof and fog proof. The company has incorporated multi-coated lenses which help ensure accurate light transmission when sighting your target. In addition, the lens coating is ideal for both low light and normal light use.

The turrets are made with a spring load design, so they are easy to reset without needing tools. Simply pull it up and then turn the top part of the turret back to zero. The turrets themselves are designed with caps to help reduce noise.

This scope also features a BDC, Bullet Drop Compensator, decent magnification and built in eye relief. The only thing missing was an adjustable parallax, which may not be a factor for some hunters.

The Nikon Buckmaster II is a decent scope for your 300 Win Mag and can definitely keep up with the rest of them.

 5  Redfield Revolution

The Redfield Revolution is a small scope with a big punch. The first thing you notice is that there are two reticle choices. There is a typical duplex reticle and there is also an Accu-Range reticle. Both reticles can be used by those with years of experience hitting targets at different distances. The Redfield Revolution also features 3-9x magnification.

This scope is ideal for users who can easily use common magnification under varying conditions and at different distances. The objective lens is 40 mm, so it allows for a lot of light gathering. The eye relief can handle both a heavy recoil and shooting uphill.

If you are an experienced long-range shooter, the Redfield Revolution can certainly be a game changer for you out in the field.


1.What is the best bullet for a 300 Win Mag?

Most big game hunters prefer to use the 180 grain bullet. This bullet has the best balance of power and velocity which makes it ideal for big game hunting.

2.What is the max range of a 300 Win Mag?

The 300 Win Mag is used successfully by long range shooters in competition, by big game hunters, law enforcement and by military snipers. The maximum effective range of the 300 Win Mag is at 1,210 yards.

3. Which is bigger- the 300 Win Mag or the 308?

Those who have a lot of experience shooting at long range and long range hunters prefer the 300 Win Mag. However, for newer hunters the 308 is recommended. This is because new hunters and shooters cannot always handle the heavy recoil of the 300 Win Mag. The recoil is heavy enough that it will affect how newer hunters pull the trigger. Since the recoil is so great on the 300 Win Mag, it will have a negative effect on inexperienced shooters. It will cause them to miss their targets and to not fully develop their marksmanship skills at the range too. The 300 Win Mag is the bigger bullet with the bigger kick.

4.What kind of scope can you put on a 300 Win Mag?

The riflescope you choose to use with your 300 Win Mag needs to be able to withstand the recoil. There are several scopes that can be used. When purchasing your scope, you need to keep a few things in mind. The scope needs to be solidly constructed. The recoil is no joke and cheaper or lower end scopes will be destroyed without question. The ideal scope should have powerful magnification, excellent light transmitting capability, a BDC reticle or red dot, adjustments for windage and lens coating. You should be able to sight out and shoot to 100 yards in any light condition from dawn to dusk. And your scope can handle all the recoil that comes with using a 300 Win Mag.

5.What power scope of scope can you use with a 300 Win Mag?

Although the 300 Win Mag is powerful enough for shots at 300 yards, the right scope can take that even further. With greater magnification levels you can actually get a maximum effective distance of 1000 yards. Look for a scope with magnification levels as far as possible. Some in our list go out to 24x.

6. What size scope for your 300 Win Mag should you get?

The important factor to remember here is weight. You can pair any sized scope with your 300 Win Mag easily. However, bigger scopes will weigh more. Why is this important? Because user fatigue is a real side effect. If you will be hunting in the field and moving, adding weight to your rifle is going to affect your positioning when you start to get tired. If you will be using a bipod or sandbags at the range, then you do not need to worry about the weight of a scope as much. This is why it is crucial to determine what type of shooting you will be doing, how often you will be shooting and where you will be using your 300 Win Mag before purchasing your scope.

7.What kind of scope can you put on a 300 Win Mag?

Again, the type of scope depends on how you will be using your 300 Win Mag. A good scope for a 300 Win Mag is one that will handle the punishing recoil without any issue. The recommend scope for a 300 Win Mag is one that is solidly built and will not break after the first use. If you are looking for a hunting scope for your 300 Win Mag, there are nice options. Make sure that the scope is well built and able to withstand temperature changes as well as the weather.

Points to Remember

The 300 Win Mag is a powerful cartridge. If you are an experienced hunter or long-range shooter this is for you. This will pack a punch. When you are looking to purchase a scope, it needs to be well made since the recoil will destroy a cheaper version. This can even happen after the very first use. The heavy recoil of the 300 Win Mag is another reason why only very experienced shooters should be using them in the first place.

On its own the 300 Win Mag is great at distances of about 300 yards. Adding the right scope can take that maximum effective distance to 1000 yards quite easily. Just keep a few things in mind when purchasing your scope.

The first point is to pick a solid, well built scope. You should not just pick based on price, there are budget scopes for a 300 Win Mag available. A cheaper scope might be easier on your wallet in the short term, but you will be needing to replace it quickly as it will not stand up to recoil. Some cheaper scopes can actually be damaged with the first use.

You also want to consider magnification levels. By its very nature the 300 Win Mag is the ideal ammo for long range hunting of big game. On its own it is capable of 300 yards. A top scope for a 300 Win Mag will have the right magnification power for you to easily and accurately shoot out to 1000 yards.

Weight is also another factor to consider when purchasing the best scope for a 300 Win Mag for long range shooting. It is important to realize that the weight of the scope needs to be factored in to your combo. A heavier scope is generally a scope that has more options and capabilities. The tradeoff is the added weight, which can contribute to user fatigue. If you will be shooting on the range with a bipod or sandbags, weight of the scope becomes less of an issue. However, if you are in the field the weight is important. As your arm and shoulder become fatigued, you start to drop and then you will be missing targets. So when selecting the top scope for a 300 Win Mag, weight is a key factor.

Most scopes do have some type of lens coating. Although not as important as some other features to be found on a scope, lens coating is a nice touch. The purpose of coating is to help you see your target more clearly. The lens coating helps to cut down on glare and allows the scope to gather the image more clearly for you. The size of the objective lens goes hand in hand with lens coating as well. The size of the objective lens is a double-edged sword. A bigger objective lens will be able to gather more light and portray the image that much clearer and give you a bigger field of view. The downside is that the bigger the lens, the more the scope will weigh. So, this is another instance of where it is beneficial to know exactly what type of long range shooting you will be doing.

And the best tactical scope for a 300 Win Mag will have a reticle which is not necessary, but helpful. Having a BDC on a scope for a 300 Win Mag is a tool that new hunters, as well as the experts, can use to ensure accuracy. This feature is most advantageous when shooting out past 300 yards as it will help you refine your shot even further. Along the same line of reason is the addition of windage and elevation adjustments. A great hunter may not need to use them, but they are always helpful if they are present on your scope.


The 300 Win Mag is an extremely powerful cartridge. It is an excellent option for experienced hunters who enjoy long range and big game hunting. If you are looking to increase the maximum effective range of the 300 Win Mag, consider adding a scope to your 300 Win Mag rifle.

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