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best car holster

Why You Need A Car Holster? 

While some people advocate that the best way to carry a gun inside your car is on you, i.e. in IWB, OWB, ankle holster or shoulder rig, other CCW permit owners support the opposite attitude of car holsters as the more comfort and safer method. 

Although keeping your handgun on you at all times is the best practice, there are more and more proponents of keeping your gun near you in a car holster or similar gadget, and the industry is following that trend with a vast number of styles and models. 

When carrying your sidearm in your vehicle holstered on a belt, you will encounter a number of uncomfortable occurrences like your gun digging into the leg or a seatbelt pushing the sights into your belly. 

For these reasons, and to avoid a manner of just putting your gun under the car seat, you should look for dedicated car and truck holsters as a perfect solution to stay safe on the road. 

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Car holster types 

A holster for your car may come in many different styles and configurations, but you should be aware of some concerns that are unique to car holsters.  in fact,  many holsters for a vehicle come as holster mount and you should separate buy a gun holster or use your IWB or OWB holster.  Holster mounts can be magnetic or some other type affixed to the steering wheel, car seat or vehicle console. 

Car gun safe 

Making a parallel to your home, you may find at the market a gun safe for a car, but whereas the house safe is meant for storing a weapon for a longer-term, that one in your vehicle is temporary. Primarily, vehicle holster serves for transporting your firearm, but gun holster also allows for quick access in the event you need your sidearm for protection. Obviously, this type of lockbox comes as vehicle-specific car safe, in an appropriate size and form to fit in vehicles` consoles or other spaces. 

Car Holsters 

Another option is the application-specific car holsters that allow you to store your sidearm somewhere on the vehicle. Similar to the on-body concealed carry platforms (IWB or OWB holster), car gun holster can be made of leather, Kydex, or nylon, but there are also popular car holsters built from steel. The last one is popular with the police department, but though it provides a secure way to store your handgun, the steel holster is more prominent and exposed to the views of bystanders. 

The car holsters are the most flexible items that can be mounted to almost any place in your car. That may range from the classic glovebox, steering wheel, seats, to the side door pocket. 

Besides dedicated cars gun holster, you can modify a standard IWB or OWB holster and mount to your center console, seat or door. However, there is one important tip when mounting that DIY holsters style. If you are right-handed when using these modified on-body carry holsters, you should buy a left-handed version since it will be placed off-body. 

As with most of your CCW on-body carrying, car holster needs to provide easy access and to keep the pistol at a suitable angle. On the other hand, there is no need for too tight friction or advanced level 3 or similar holster retention typical for concealed carry. 

Magnet Car Holster 

One of the newest and the best-rated system for carrying your gun in a car is the magnetic car gun holster that will hold your gun tight and with many mounting options, it can be installed anywhere with a few screws. 

Magnetic car holster is the best mounting option for many gun owners because that type of holster mounting keeps your handgun near at your hand.  the magnetic mounting option usually doesn’t include a holster or holster mounts as it only holds the naked weapon in position. 

How to Choose Car Holsters? 

When you are searching for the best car holster, you want quick access and excellent concealability. Both features depend on the mounting options and way that car holster attaches to the vehicle. 

The best car holster must be easy to mount, and the most popular attachment styles range from screws to straps and even glue. Holsters with the magnetic mount mounting option are very popular, as they tend to be easy to install and provide flexibility. 

Screw-in type holster mounting usually provides the most firmly mounted car holsters but requires to permanently alter your vehicle. 

Glue attachment car holster doesn’t require technical know-how and you don’t cause any damage to your vehicle. However, the adhesive is not resistant to high temperatures, so this holster mount should be taken with caution. 

Straps holster mount combine ease of attachment with good security for car gun and they are usually intended for mounting holsters between the car seat and center console. Unfortunately, the straps mounting options don’t work on all vehicles and might restrict mounting options where your sidearm can be mounted. 

What to consider when buying a car holster? 

Compared to a body holster for concealed carry, the car or truck holster comes with very different priorities. Quick access and the draw is essential, but there are some other concerns in car holsters, ranging from safety and security to the law regulative specific for your state. 


It is not mandatory for the car holster having a thumb strap or safety-locking mechanisms of Level 3. A good car holster or holster mount should hold the firearm with solid retention to provide the gun not to drop out of the holster on bumpy roads or while off-roading. Always make sure that car holster has a gun trigger guard to ensure the weapon from negligent discharge. 


Though it is not recommended, there are situations when you cannot take your concealed carry handgun with you, and the firearm should be left in the car. 

For that scenario, the best solution is a lockable case or gun safe attached to the vehicle. In the absence of a better solution, you can lock your carry handgun in the glove box, center console or hide it in a trunk. You should avoid hiding your carry weapon under the seat. 

Attachment styles 

There are various mounting options and systems to attach car holsters to cars or trucks. It depends on you, if you want to permanently modify (drilling holes) your car you will choose the most secure way of attaching the holster of holster mount. For those, who do not want to damage their new vehicle, they can use systems with straps or some solution based on glue or adhesive strips. 

The best car holsters and holster mount 

Before you invest in a vehicle holster or holster mount, we like to suggest several the best methods of mounting your pistols or revolvers in your car. All of these systems will support your concealed carry gun well making the weapon easily accessible, whether you put it in car holster or specifically designed holster mount. 

1. Console Vault 

Console Vault is an American company specialized in security safes that mount into your walls at home or install as vehicle-mounting solutions. 

Console Vault is a lockbox constructed from massive 12 gauge cold rolled plate steel that will fit snugly into the console of your car or truck. The spring-assisted door features the bank vault-style hinge latch pins with five-point locking system. 

Currently, Console Vault offering their car safes in over 40 different vehicles and if you ask them, on your email address they will send the best proposals. 

This heavy-duty console vault is a perfect solution for those people who do not believe in locking a pistol in the glove box or trunk. Though not the cheapest option for your carry gun, Console Vault is specifically built to conceal carry weapons in vehicles and trucks without any modification. 

Its interior is covered with foam mat liner to reduce noise and avoid damage to the gun and other valuables inside the vault as the car moves. 

Along with a full-sized handgun with holster, it is spacious enough to accommodate a few spare magazines, pepper spray, cash and jewelry. 

The safe from Console Vault is designed to convert the center console of your vehicle offering the protection for your carry sidearm and other small valuables. 

While the Console Vault is entirely concealed inside the center console, it is available with three different lock options. You may choose from a high-security barrel key lock or a key-less combination lock featuring a 3-digit combo and a 4-digit combo. 

With safe, you’ll get straightforward instructions for installation and two long machine screws that affix safe box very securely to the console’s bolts 

From the security aspect, if you have to leave your handgun in your vehicle often, the Console Vault is the best type of gun safe for you. 

2. Jotto Gear Quick Access Steel Locking Holster 

Jotto Gear Quick Access Rugged Steel NRA Locking Handgun Holster for Car, Office, Many Locations 

Though Jotto Gear storage device has in its name a word holster, actually the rig is not a typical wearable holster, but rather steel gun safe with quick and easy access. 

Jotto Gear as a brand of Jotto Desk is an American manufacturer of vehicle mounts for computers, but they also sell a handgun storage device for vehicles. The Jotto Gearmetal gun holster sports a solid steel construction. Still, unlike console vaults, this unit can be mount just about anywhere from the side of your bed, to the underside of a desk, or in the cargo compartment of your vehicle. 

This versatile handgun strongbox comes with mounting brackets to give you a choice of horizontally or vertically orientation and multiple positions where you want to lock your carry firearm. 

The Jotto Gear lockable handgun holster features an open back that will securely keep your large frame and compact carry guns with most tactical lights and laser grips. 

These ultimate steel holsters can be carried locked or unlocked to prevent tampering or theft. With its locking device and rugged steel construction, the Jotto Gear holster is set apart from others on the market. 

While this steel holster will make sure that your powerful sidearm is out of the hands of burglars and curious children, it will also keep your carry weapon free from dirt and scratches due to the silicone lining. 

3. Highway Holster Multi-Mount 

Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount 

As its name says, the Highway Holster Multi-Mount is a mounting system, which does not include an actual holster. This Vehicle Holster Mount is the perfect offering for those of you who already have a belt clip style holster. The Highway Holster Multi-Mount is essentially a flat bar, designed to accommodate any standard IWB and OWB on-body holster with single metal belt clip up to the 1.75 inches. 

Besides gun holsters, you can attach to this Highway Holster Multi-Mount cell phone cases, electronics or personal items. The Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount as a versatile item is suitable for sedans, trucks and SUVs, but like most universal things, this holster mount may not fit in every vehicle and it’s not supposed to work for left-handed shooters. 

The Highway Holster is a reasonably priced car holster rig that consists of the mounting rail, support strut, elastic hook cords (bungees), polyester elastic strap and Velcro adhesive strips. Usually, the mounting rail attaches to the driver’s seatbelt mechanism or in-between the passenger’s seat and the center console and extends the entire length of the car front seat. The mounting rail and stand are fully adjustable with possible adjusting from 16 to 21 inches. 

The arm and support strut is molded of ABS plastic, and the bar is padded with foam protection to avoid scratching when the seat moves. 

This innovative car/truck mounting system takes up very little space and it does not cause damage or smear marks on the console. Actually, it needs only 1” of gap space between your seat and center console. 

A Highway Holster mounting platform is designed as an interface between your vehicle and most clip-on holsters. This product is also easy to assemble and install because it does not require drilling nor power tools or any other permanent modification to your car/truck. 

4. Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount 

Gum Creek vehicle mount will fit in most vehicles since it is purpose-designed to interface your firearm with the specific geometry of your vehicle. It means that Gum Creek is offering a Vehicle Mount as an elegant answer to mount your carry handgun without having to drill holes in your new car. 

I want you to understand that this is just the mounting system that comes without a holster. Though you can purchase the factory holster that Gum Creek offers for various models, Vehicle Handgun Mount will also accommodate most single loop or clip on-body carry holsters found on the market. 

The Gum Creek Vehicle Mount is designed to attach to vehicle’s steering column, making it an excellent offering for those who want an in-vehicle holster solution. 

The mount is also simple to install as it consists of metal frame and heavy-duty nylon strapping with two rubber-coated steel hooks. This car holsters mount requires no tools to install, as you only have to attach the hooks at the top and bottom of the steering column and tight the adjustable strap buckle to secure the mount. Any standard holster is fastened down to the mount with two Velcro straps that wrap around the mount. 

While this steering wheel column mount keeps your carry firearm out of sight from people looking in, it also puts your sidearm into an optimum position for fast and safe retrieval. On the other hand, neither the Gum Creek Vehicle Mount nor the holster itself does not interfere with driving at all.  

This is a great way to carry a pistol or revolver while on the road since it puts your weapon well within reach of your both hands, no matter you are left- or right-handed. 

5. KEEPER MG Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster for Vehicle and Home 

HQ Rubber Coated 35 Lbs – Gun Magnet Firearm Accessories. Concealed Holder for Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Revolver, Truck, Car, Safe, Hunting 

Gun Magnets mounts are extremely popular as firearms storage tools due to their versatility and low price.  One of the best sellers of magnet gun holders is the Magnetic Gun Mount from the Keeper MG manufacturer. 

There are many gun magnet holders, but the Keeper brand magnet is a beautiful one-piece unit consisting of a series of smaller high-grade N35 Neodymium magnets, glued to the backing plate. 

Though the manufacturer claims this magnetic system will hold 35 pounds, it is recommended to install two Keeper magnets for rifles or heavier firearms. Also, from the user’s experience, you should avoid an included stick-on mount because this two-sided tape wouldn’t work. The included four self-tapping screws are much stronger, enabling you to install this vehicle mount in under 10 minutes. 

The Magnetic Gun Mount and Holster for Vehicle and Home, as its name says it is intended for use anywhere you can screw them in the solid base, no matter it is a metal plate, wooden door, bricks or hard car’s plastic. The manufacturer will send to your email address full installation list. 

Rather than a holster, the Keeper system is a rubber-coated magnet with a durable anti-scratch cover, which protects your firearms from any scratching. 

Measuring at 3.75 “L x 1.4 “W, this Keeper design allows for a sleek concealed gun mount while offers one of the fastest accesses to the handgun. 

The low profile mounting base is flat and features high-tech Halback Array setup, which stops any interference with electronics. 

6. PHANTOM QuickDraw 

Gun Magnet holders have become a real must-have accessory with a lot of useful applications. The Phantom QuickDraw is another original solution for those of you that enjoy magnetic car mounts. 

For those gun owners who don’t like to store and carry their handguns loaded, the Phantom QuickDraw is offering a new approach to the concealed carry with an empty chamber. They developed a system to hold any flat top semi-automatic in place in your vehicle, home or office. 

The Phantom QuickDraw features unique magnetic construction that will firmly hold any flat top carry handgun and at the same time enable you to quickly attach and detach a firearm inside your car or truck. 

Actually, with this QuickDraw magnetic holder installed, you need to grasp the grip of your pistol, push it in to rack the slide to load it and simply pull towards you to release the weapon from the mount. 

The Phantom QuickDraw magnet-powered holster comes with permanent neodymium magnets and four screws for secure mounting. This innovative design boasts a scratch-free premium plastic coating and allows you fast response times due to quick access to your weapon. 

This model is the most convenient for the small to medium-size handguns with a flat top, but there is also a larger version for full-sized semiautos. 


A modern man is undoubtedly much more mobile than his parents or grandparents. As we are spending more time in our cars or trucks, there is one trickier aspect, especially for us gun owners, to make sure keeping our sidearm secure, but within reach, in our vehicle. 

In this guide, we presented several challenges and methods connected to the effective way to keep a sidearm safe, yet ready in your vehicle, but there are more aspects you should be informed. 

From the other problems you might encounter considering carrying a gun in a vehicle, you should know that the gun laws and legislation regarding the transport of a weapon in a vehicle dramatically vary between states. 

Anyway, this topic is under-researched and with far too little ink spilt on it, we all have to confront the challenge of carrying a gun in a car or truck. 

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