Best Concealed Carry Holsters Review And Guides 2022


concealed carry holster

What Makes A Good Concealment Holster? 

Citizens procure handheld firearms for many different reasons, but the primary duty of semi-auto or revolver is self-protection. The modern concealed carry in the United States come to existence in the 1980s, and since then no one has been able to predict such an enormous expansion of concealed carry permits. 

The gun manufacturers responded by flooding the market with hundreds of concealed carry handgun models ranging from full-size classics through more and more popular compacts to the miniature, pocket size pistols. 

Of course, the gun accessories industry also catches the bandwagon offering a myriad of holsters suitable for increasingly sought after concealed carry style. 

Why Have a Good Holster? 

When looking for a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) holster, many of the first-time buyers give a high priority to the comfort because they expect to carry their self-defense gun comfortably all day. The truth is that most people may not carry a gun but left it at home if they are not comfortable for prolonged periods of time. 


In the context mentioned above, indeed that the best gun is one with you, however, the comfort is not a priority role of the gun holster, but safety. A good holster is supposed to protect and hold the firearm secure. 

It means, the proper holsters have to prevent accidental discharge and a handgun grab utilizing correct design and material. A good holster has to keep your finger off the trigger, but at the same time, it has to provide quick and easy access to the firearm, while it denies unauthorized access. An example of poor safety is related to the shoulder holsters that keep the firearm pointing horizontally, directly behind you, endangering someone that you do not intend to shoot. 


Only the second rule is related to comfort and materials used for holster construction. The good holster has to fit, both you and your weapon.  

In order to avoid a full box or drawer of inappropriate concealed carry holsters, the best way would be to try them out and find one that perfectly fits your body type. Along with fitting the concealed carry gun and holster to your body, the good holster should also match the firearm. The best-concealed carry holsters are those designed for the specific sidearm that you carry. Unlike universal holsters based on the motto “One size fits all”, holsters built for a particular make and model provide quick access and return of the weapon after use with minimal safety hazards. 


A good CCW holster is made from quality and durable material. Today, we`ll find holsters made of leather, Kydex (a hard, molded plastic) and nylon. 

While the nylon holsters are usually flimsy and of limited durability, it also finds its place in some specific concealed carry styles. On the other side, the first two mentioned materials are sturdy, often gun molded and with lifetime durability. There are also hybrid holsters that connect the best from both worlds.  This concealed carry holster is constructed from both leather and Kydex materials, where the holster features a leather backing for comfort and pocket for the gun is made from a Kydex. 

What Makes a Great Concealed Carry Holster? 

There are many types and styles of concealed carry holsters, but it does not mean that all of them are good for concealed carry or work well for you.  

1.   Concealable 

A great concealed carry holster should be capable of a few essential functions such as proper fit to your gun and your body and concealability, as a major feature why we buy a concealed carry holster. 

The holster models purpose-built for concealed carry should provide a discreet and imperceptible way of gun carrying, but respecting all safety standards expected from the great CCW holster. 

2.   Protects Handgun 

Along with total trigger coverage, a great concealed carry the holster should be made of a material that will not cause any damage to the firearm. However, there is a catch, since the harder material like Kydex or Boltaron will probably leave wear marks on your sidearm. In comparison, the softer material, such as leather will conduct moisture and sweat from your body to the gun. 

3.   Retention 

Next, your concealed carry holster needs to keep your sidearm in place utilizing some of the friction force called retention.  In plain words, it means the holster with good retention will hold firearm firmly in place, without any worry about it slipping out. 

While the leather holster keeps the retention due to the tight molded form, most Kydex holsters come with an adjusting screw for changing the level of retention. 

A CCW holster with adjustable retention is good. Still, nothing more is needed because the best-concealed carry holster doesn’t need any safety straps, push-button releases or classic thumb snaps found on open carry holsters. 

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How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Holster for You 

As usual, when we are faced with a huge range of products, a standard procedure would be reading of numerous customers reviews or buying guides. 

Choosing a concealed carry holster is a decision based on many personal factors such as your proficiency with a gun you plan to carry, the clothes you wear or the lifestyle you live. However, buying the best concealed carry holster may mean nothing, since the term “best” is highly subjective and may vary from shooter to shooter. 

We believe that the best-concealed carry holster depends on personal preference. Still, beyond that, there are a number of other considerations such as preferred d size and caliber of handgun, choice of clothing or time of year. 

A good holster for concealed carry may come in many variables and designs, while the manufacturers are offering diversified product lineup, with the concealed carry holsters purpose-built to fit almost any sensibility and style of carry. 

When we are discussing handheld gun carrying, one may note that people are different and their needs are different, so the traditional strong-side carry is not always the default solution. 

Although an IWB (Inside the Waist Band) holster is the most concealable gun rig, it will not fit an obese middle-aged man. For those people, the much better fit will provide a high-ride, OWB or shoulder holster

Today, the armed citizens have a plethora of choices, when trying to find the “perfect” concealed carry holster. On the other hand, the choice of a CCW holster directly depends on your lifestyle and daily habits. 

As a first step, a “newbie shooter” should know that the very best concealed carry options are available in several styles and body positions.  

  • IWB Holster 
  • Appendix Carry Holster 
  • OWB Holster 
  • Ankle holsters 
  • Shoulder holsters 
  • Belly Band Holster 
  • Pocket Holster 
  • Off body (which is not subject of this guide) 


Defensive carrying of the gun and concealment are tightly connected to your lifestyle, your habits and many other circumstances. Frequently, a responsibly armed citizen should change his habits and take on an extra burden of responsibility.  

More than an average citizen, you have to develop a proper mindset or situational awareness of your ever-changing environment. When you learn this type of mindset, you will more natural control your fate and the fate of those you choose to protect.   

Carrying a firearm will change your lifestyle and impose an endless set of rules and regulations that you have to live by. For example, many states would not tolerate even a single drop of alcohol while you are carrying concealed pistol or six-shooter. 

Style of Dress 

After you have decided to carry concealed and buy the defensive pistol or revolver, the next major decision you have to make is the type of the holster you will purchase.  After choosing the right holster that fits your lifestyle, you should consider an outfit that both conceals the firearm and looks sharp on you. 

As an owner of CCW license, you should avoid baggy jeans, cargo pants or multi-pocketed vest since these parts are the most recognizable “concealed carry” pieces of clothing. 

When you settle down on conceivable handgun and concealed carry options, then your clothing choice should be as less obtrusive as possible. You don’t want to draw attention from persons looking for concealed weapons, but you want an attire that would be very unobtrusive almost anywhere in urban places. 

You may choose to wear suit-and-tie concealed carry or casual concealed carry If there’s no dress code to look at. 

Along with body type and clothing style, there is one key piece of equipment that needs to be considered here, and it is a belt. For most of the concealed carry holsters, you will need a sturdy and wide enough gun belt to support the weight of your sidearm and secure a rigid brace. 

1.  Tagua Gunleather BH1  : Best Concealed Carry Holsters For 1911 

A classic gun needs a classic holster and a Tagua Gunleather is offering hand-made leather holsters for a great fit and comfort even if you conceal carry a large-frame pistol as Colt Government with 5″ barrel. 

Tagua Gunleather Company is based in Florida but has a manufacturing facility in Paraguay. For all their products, Tagua is using a vegetable-tanned premium cowhide, which guarantees the gun holster will last you a lifetime. 

Using a manufacturer part number BH1-200, this semi-molded scabbard would provide a secure fit and proper retention. As you will expect from an OWB holster, Tagua comes with a reinforced thumb break for safe outside the pants carry. 

The Tagua OWB high ride holster features the open muzzle design that will easily accommodate your 5 inches barreled Colt or any other 1911 style semi-automatic. 

This all-leather holster features a two-half construction including backside body, which is twice as thick as the front molding piece.  The premium saddle leather is nicely double-stitched along all seams while the interior portion of the holster comes with a pleasant and smooth finish to protect your body and your guns finish. 

Although the holster`s throat is not reinforced, the form molding of the leather will keep holster open for an easy ” no-look ” one-handed reholster. 

Designed for outside the waistband carry, the Tagua Thumb Break Belt Holster sits at a forward angle for larger fitted firearms. The holster is available for either right-or left-hand shooters and the belt slots are wide enough to accept up to 1.75 inches wide belts. 

2.  Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster : Best IWB (Value) 

Without a doubt, the best IWB holster for value is Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster. It is built from a simple piece of folded thermoplastic material known as a Kydex. Although it is thick only .08″, Kydex is a robust material that provides rigid structural stability and almost unlimited durability. On the flip side, Kydex will not shape your body like a holster made of a neoprene material or suede leather. 

With its minimalistic construction and a slim profile, the Concealment Express IWB holster can be “modified for any carry position on your body or draw style you prefer. 

The Concealment express inside the pants holster sports an Over-Cut Open-Face that works with threaded barrels and clears suppressor height sights. 

This basic concealed carry platform is one of the most popular holsters today because it offers all virtues specific for the much more expensive gear. Concealment express boasts adjustable retention using a tension screw with thread lock so you will never lose a screw. Additionally, the retention lock system features an audible posi-click locking mechanism.  

As for the adjustability, this Kydex holster has 15 degrees of cant adjustment to help use it for an appendix, cross draw or small of the back (SOB) carry

Furthermore, the Concealment Express comes with an ABS plastic clip adjustable for ride height. The clip will fit a standard 1.5” belt. 

The smart design includes a dual role sweat guard. It means that holster backing comes with a full-length sweat shield to keep your gun dry and to provide fast, one-handed reholstering of your weapon. 

3.   Raven Concealment VanGuard 2 Holster Overhook Advanced Kit : Best IWB (Unique) 

 For Glock Gen ¾ by Raven Concealment Systems LLC 

If you are looking for something unique and completely different from traditional gun scabbards, VanGuard 2 from Raven Concealment Systems LLC might be the right pick. The Raven Concealment holster covers only the portion over trigger guard of your firearm. That said, this carry system can be rather described as a clip that encloses the weapons` trigger guard and nothing more.  

Unlike classic on-body holsters, the RCS plastic trigger guard cover boasts the extremely low profile eliminating the bulk of a traditional gun carry platforms. 

Though of minimalist design, the Vanguard 2 snaps tightly over the trigger guard offering the necessary level of safety without fear of an accidental discharge.  

The positive retention of the VG2 holster with a loud an audible click will always assure you that the gun is in place, giving you peace of mind. 

The Vanguard 2 Advanced holster comes in the kit so the owners of earlier models can upgrade this very minimalist holster with the Raven`s RCS Claw and a belt attachment option called Overhooks. With the installed RCS Claw, the clip will bring the pistol into your body for a tight fit, while the overhook with a piece of nylon cord will keep the holster shield away from your handgun when you draw it. 

Using these attachments, you will get a gun-carrying system, which is adjustable for ride-height and cant for maximum concealment. This inside-the-waistband clip/holster is a great alternative to traditional types of holsters. In contrast, it is providing a considerable significant level of security compared to merely sticking a sidearm in the waistband of your pants. 

Raven Concealment Systems VanGuard 2 can be used in multiple roles, as a body-on holster, for off-body carry in a purse, or storage and transportation in your vehicle.  While VanGuard 2 safely cover the trigger guard, you will be able to cycle the slide or release the magazine from your semiauto.  

Since it is not the most comfortable holster you may carry, some customers suggest wearing a thin undershirt underneath to prevent gunsights and other bulges chafing your skin during every day carry. 

Unlike traditional holsters, for reholstering into the vanguard 2, you need to remove the clip from your belt and apply it back to the handgun. However, the chief complaint refers to limited models available, as the raven VG2 is currently made only for Glocks and S&W Shield series semi-automatics.  

4.  Q-Series IWB Minimalist Concealed Carry Stealth Holster  : Best Concealed Carry Holster For A Fat Guy 

Q-Series IWB Minimalist Concealed Carry Stealth Holster 

As you probably know, the vast body shape and overweight are concealed carry holster for fat guys needs to be of minimalistic design for ultimate comfort and fast, one-hand deployment of the weapon. One of the first non-traditional designs that add no bulk or weights to your sidearm comes from the Q-Series LLC., a veteran-owned company.  

Featuring a robust polymer construction for lightweight and durability, this minimalistic gun carry gear sits exceptionally close to the body and reduces printing in the most shapely of men. 

The Q-Series Stealth Holster is a low-profile, tuckable system that even fat guys can wear with a simple un-tucked T-shirt. Moreover, concealed carry gun owners can also wear this gun carrier with or without a belt. 

Similar to Raven Vanguard 2, the Q-Series holster snaps firmly over the trigger guard, covering the trigger securely and keeping your gun from an accidental discharge. This injection-molded plastic gun carry the platform provides adjustable retention to make sure your pistol stays in place. 

The Q-Series Stealth holster comes with an ambidextrous spring steel clip, which is conveniently designed for wearing both on belts and over the waistband of your pants. 

These holsters are popular with overweight guys who prefer appendix carry. Using a standard Q-Series in that position resembles the “Mexican Carry” style – when you just shove your sidearm into the waistband without a holster.  

While the Q-Series Stealth holster only secures your trigger guard, it comes without sweat shield and does not provide barrel protection.  It means you can release the magazine or use other controls on your gun inside your belt, which means this carry system is not recommended for novices or gun owners who never practice. 

5.  1791 GunLeather 4-WAY Glock 19 Holster : Best Concealed Carry Holsters For Glock 19 

OWB and IWB CCW Holster 

From its introduction in 1988, the Glock 19 revolutionized the compact 9mm handgun world with its svelte dimensions and magazine capacity. Today, after more than three decades, the market is flooded with gun accessories for the G19, and the 1791 Gunleather is one of the leading manufacturers of premium handcrafted leather holsters for it. 

Built of superb steerhide leather, the 1791 Gunleather 4-way multi-fit all-leather CCW gun holster is custom made for a perfect fit for over 50 handgun models.  

Their innovative 4-Way Concealment multi-position holster, Size 5, offers you several ways of carrying your Glock 19. Depending on your activity, you can use one only holster to adapt to your garment or daily needs. 

You can use this 4-Way Leather Gun Holster in both OWB and IWB positions. It provides four different carrying options due to the belt steel clip on one side and sewn in belt loop on the other side. 

The 1791 Gunleather 4-Way Concealment multi-position holster is superior in terms of comfort as it allows you four carry styles vertical, horizontal, cross-draw and IWB. 

With measures of 5″x 4.5″ long, the holster has large enough area to distribute the weight of your Glock across your back or hips. At the same time, with the minimal weight of just 0.378 pounds, this handmade leather holster makes caring your G19 exceptionally easy. 

6. Galco KT224B Kingtuk  :   Best IWB (Kydex): 

Founded in 1969, Galco is a company with a very long tradition in the gun accessory industry. In their vast range of leather holsters, Kingtuk stands out especially as a model which provides the best of both worlds, classic leather and space-age plastic materials.  

A KingTuk is a hybrid holster designed for IWB (Inside Waist Band) carry and provides comfort, speed, and versatility.  

It consists of two parts: the backing, which is made of high-quality saddle leather base with fine Napa leather front and a Kydex holster pocket. 

While the soft and smooth full-grain Napa leather provides comfort to your skin, the rigid Kydex shell is custom-molded to the specific gun model. The KingTuk has two removable metal belt clips that can be adjusted for height and angle to suit shooters unique preferences. 

As one of the best IWB holsters, Galco King Tuck completely covers the trigger guard for the ultimate safety. Unlike its hybrid counterparts, Galco KingTuk has a slightly slimmer profile making it fully concealable and entirely tuckable holster so that you can wear it with a shirt tucked in over the holster. 

7.    Best Concealed Carry Shoulder Holsters : Galco Miami Classic Shoulder System

for Glock 17, 22, 31 by Galco Gunleather 

Galco Gunleather Company is quite a long in the holster business, and though they offer many holster types and styles, every gun aficionado recognizes Galco for their famous shoulder rigs. While law enforcement, military and citizens wear Galco shoulder harnesses equally, its popularity is owed to Hollywood and TV series. 

The renowned Miami Classic is the successor of the genuine Jackass Rig, shoulder holster from the 70s of the last century. Similar to the original rig, the Miami Classic comes with holster, harness, double ammo carrier made of premium saddle leather.  

The Miami Classic shoulder system differs in patented spider harness that consists of clover-shaped Flexalon backplate with four swivel joints. This Kydex-made panel pivots independently the leather straps that can be easily adjusted for fit. 

The holster features thumb break with metal reinforcement while the ammo carrier cover flaps have two snaps to allow carrying standard as well as higher capacity magazines.  With gun holster placed on the weak side and double magazine pouches on the strong side, this Galco system provides a very balanced setup and equally distributed weight across both shoulders.  

The Miami Classic rig holds your weapon horizontally oriented with barrel muzzle pointed straight backwards. 

8. Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster :   Best IWB (Hybrid) 

for Concealed Carry – Custom fit to Your Gun – Full Cant and Ride Height Adjustable 

Similar to earlier versions, the Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 belongs to hybrid carry rigs because it combines few different materials to make a comfortable holster. Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB holster uses in construction spring steel for the flexible spine, a sweat-wicking neoprene padding and new two-piece polymer shell. The interchangeable polymer “shells” will allow you to buy a different shell to support different firearm makes and models. 

The ABS clips feature a tough construction as this holster works great with a midsize or full-size pistol like the 1911s. In addition, ShapeShift 4.0 carries larger frame guns comfortably because it distributes the weight of your weapon. 

Actually, this is more a carry system than a single holster as it allows you to convert between four or five holster styles. ShapeShift 4 follows the modular design of its predecessors with improved comfort and flexibility. 

Besides standard on – body positions, using an optional kit, you may mount it to the interior of an automobile, to a wall and a variety of static surfaces, all without the pistol ever needing to leave the holster. Along with an adjustable passive retention system, the ShapeShift shell also features adjustable cant angle and ride height. And the best thing is that all the mentioned features can be adjusted without any tools necessary. 

The modular construction and multiple configurations make this hybrid gun-carrying rig one of the best offers for the first-time gun owners or people who want to try modular holster system and returned it in a 30-Day Test Drive trial for free. 

9.  STICKY HOLSTERS AnkleBiter Wrap System : Best Ankle Holster 

Secure Your Gun To Your Leg Easily and Efficiently 

In shortest words, the ankle holsters are intended to affix your handgun around your ankle and conceal with your pant leg. The idea behind an ankle holster is to use it when clothing style or other circumstances do not allow standard belt carry. 

Besides classic holster material such as leather, the ankle holster is often made from soft synthetic materials like neoprene. Sticky Holster’s ankle holster is constructed from three-layer wetsuit-like neoprene material and formed as a 23.5” x 4.25” padded band, which you can strap on your ankle to holster your gun snugly. 

Like most other ankle holsters, Sticky’s Anklebiter rig use proven the method with elastic straps and hook-and-loop material. In their case, the “sticky” skin is made of a soft, leather-look, rubber-like material with the added security of Velcro hook part with generous four-inch by five-inch dimensions. 

As you assume, the Anklebiter Leg Rig is the best suited for small firearms, though it can even accommodate a spare magazine or folding knife as well. 

Sticky Holsters designed this ankle holster modular system to work with almost any concealed carry gun platform, but the best combination is with any clipless Sticky Holster IWB/Pocket holster. 

The AnkleBiter is the ideal rig for your backup weapon, but it requires practice to draw the ankle-concealed pistol from a varying posture. 

10. Blade-Tech Industries Total Eclipse Holster  : Best OWB Concealed Carry Holsters 

Blade-Tech Industries Total Eclipse Holster, Black 

Blade-Tech Industries has become known as the leading manufacturer of thermoplastic, injection molded holsters and other guns accessories.  

Since it is made of thinner .080 polymer material, these low profile OWB holsters are highly comfortable. Due to the ultra-thin construction, the Total Eclipse is highly concealable, enabling you to carry it undetectable and without printing even with minimal layers of clothing. 

As one of the most innovative carry options, this Blade-Tech the holster provides you with multiple carry configurations and methods. Still, basically, the Total Eclipse is a pancake style holster with open muzzle design and a full sweat guard. 

The Eclipse is a precision-molded holster with adjustable passive friction is known as Level 1 firearm retention. The Total Eclipse Holster is purpose-built for OWB (Outside the Waist Band) carry, but Blade-Tech shipped it with a kit that allows you to wear it as an Inside-The-Waistband (IWB) option.  

Being versatile, the conversion kit includes an assortment of polymer wings, enabling you to carry your gun in straight either drop or FBI cant orientations. Furthermore, reversing the included clips, you will get an ambidextrous design as needed. 

11. G-CODE HSP Haley Strategic Incog Half Guard IWB : Best Appendix Carry Holster 

Tuckable Holster w/Brushed Aluminum Standard Mojo Glock 26 27 33 

People usually for deep concealment use appendix position on their body as the most suitable but not always a most comfortable way to hide their handguns. The appendix carrying style requires a holster with a minimal bulk, durable material and multitude adjustments. 

An Incog holster system ticks all the boxes and provides an ultimate appendix holster suitable for numerous handguns makes and models. It is developed as a product of a joint development project between G-Code Holsters and Haley Strategic Partners.   

The G-code HSP INCOG fulfils all the requirements as a deep concealment holster enabling you to wear your defensive gun in a variety of carrying positions, while at the same time allowing a full firing grip on the weapon before the draw. 

This simple appendix holster has a body made of injection-molded plastic-wrapped in soft material similar to synthetic suede, which manufacturer calls a “Tactical Fuzz”. This suede-like synthetic outer laminate is comfortable to your skin, but it does not absorb water and reduces noise during movement. 

The INCOG comes with two plastic belt clips that fit up to 1.75″ belts. The mounting G-Code clips have three holes for adjusting the angle of carrying and depth of carrying. The clips in default position provide a .5 (half) an inch of clearance to get a proper grip of the gun. The INCOG holster also can be adjusted with a negative angle that forces the holster to hug your body. 

12. Vedder Holsters LightTuck :Best Glock 43 Holster 

IWB Kydex Holster 

The boutique holster companies like Vedder Holsters usually have an ace up their sleeve when you cannot find an appropriate holster for your pocket CCW gun like Glock 43. While the big names offer mass products, folks at Vedder paid attention to detail. 

Their LightTuck model is an all Kydex rig, which is precisely made to fit your Glock 43. Using a relatively thin .08” material, the LightTuck IWB holster maintains the thinnest profile both inside your pants and on your gun belt.  

The holster is mounted with 1.5″ spring steel clip that can place the LightTuck exactly where you want it. A single belt clip adds to holster` versatility as it offers adjustment for a neutral, forward or rearward cant angle as well as three adjustable ride height settings. 

The LightTuck also has adjustable retention, which allows you to carry this Vedder holster comfortably and confidently. You may purchase their Claw attachment purpose-built optionally to pull the grip of the G43 closer into your body for better concealment. 

13. Sunsmith Holster AIWB Series : Best Concealed Carry Holsters For M&P Shield 

Kydex Appendix Carry Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Holster Made in the USA 

A lot of brand names make holsters for M&P Shield, but not too many are handmade in the USA like Sunsmith Holster by Fast Draw. The Sunsmith AIWB holster is constructed of .08 high-quality Kydex materials that add only 3 oz in weight to the M&P Shield. 

Though rudimentary in design, the Sunsmith Holster comes with one detail that sets it apart from others Inside waistband concealed carry holsters. It is a “Wing/Claw ” attachment that pushes the pistol grip to the body to deters printing and increases concealment. This concealment claw comes with two height adjustments, and it is removable for slimmer effect. 

Surprisingly, along with protected trigger guard, this the minimalistic holster also provides completely covered magazine release button as well as indicators. The holster’s design features a full sweat guard to keep your gun dry and comfortable for everyday use.  

This appendix holster has a 1.5” wide belt clip to provide multiple inside waistband positions. The adjustable belt clip also offers an adjustable carry angle (cant) 0-15 degrees. 

14. DeSantis Super Fly  : Best Pocket Holsters For Concealed Carry 

Ambidextrous Pocket Holster for Glock 43 

DeSantis Gunhide is one of the most prolific manufacturers of carry gear for concealed carry with many highly estimated models. They have released recently an upgraded model of their popular Nemesis pocket holster called Super Fly. The detachable anti-printing flap reduces the treacherous “gun profile” and even further, disguise the firearm`s outline in tighter fitting clothes. Without the anti-printing flap, the holster becomes downright tiny, but it does not hold the pistol in position as with flap installed. 

While some users describe it as a Nemesis with a removable, reversible outer flap, the Super Fly exterior is made of new, improved sticky rubberized fabric that is even more viscous than the Nemesis. This rubber-like fabric prevents moisture from penetrating the surface and affecting the handgun. 

The surface sticky and grippy material is designed to keep your small defensive gun precisely in place in the pocket. Contrary to it, the interior of the holster is made of a slick pack cloth material and is reinforced with an added polymer to allow the pistol to slide free from the holster easily. 

Made of synthetic materials, the ambidextrous Super Fly is thin and small, equally suitable for back or front pocket carry for constant daily carry. 

15. Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger  : Best Concealed Carry Holsters For Women 

Classic Woman’s Holster 

The concealed carry holsters for women are specific and most of regular IWB holsters do not work with the female body at all. Besides smaller-stature of females, one should also consider the ladies` fashion, because it is far more restrictive in choices for on-the-body carry.  

One of the best concealed carry holster for women is designed as Body Wrap Style Holster or as they are sometimes referred to as soft-holsters. The Classic Hip Hugger Can Can Concealment holster is made of a stretchy elastic fabric with two small and four larges compartments. The larger, 5” wide pockets on the Hip Hugger rig act as holsters and can support two compact handguns.  Apart from these compact firearms on the offset side are smaller pockets that can accommodate extra magazines, and flashlight or knives. 

The handgun pockets are located near the small of the back at about the 5 o’clock position. In the extreme situation, the Can Can Hip Hugger has an ability to carry multiple firearms, even up to 4 compact pistols and two magazines, but in real life and for all-day comfort wear the Can Can is best suited to one or two small handguns. 

Unlike standard belly band, this type of compression holstering offers a perfect fit for the woman’s curves and works with multiple outfits, making it the premier choice of concealed carry holsters for women. 

The Can Can Concealment Holster uses a combination of elastic fabric and magnets to hold a gun snug and securely while keeping it within their reach. Hip Hugger Classic is women’s compression holster, which conceals firearm discreetly without any retention straps or molding. 

16. COMFORTTAC ULTIMATE BELLY HOLSTER  : Best Concealed Carry Holsters Belly Bands 

XL- Fits Gun Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, Glock 19, 17, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Sized Guns | for Men and Women 

Unlike some close-fitting, stretch bands specifically tailored for women, ComfortTac Ultimate Belly holster is a unisex carry gun platform intended for use by men and women. The ComforTac belly band is primarily a neoprene holster with a large Velcro strap.  

Compared to cheaper belly bands made of plain elastic fabric, the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster uses neoprene material thick enough to support even full-size sidearms but at the same time very comfortable and soft to wear against your skin without scratching you. 

The ComfortTac Belly Band is extremely versatile because you can wrap it around your torso, thigh or hips. The soft-style holsters like ComfortTac can be worn in multiple ways because the position is not limited to where your gun belt sits on your waist.  

Furthermore, you do not even have to wear any more belts to carry a holster. You can wear ComfortTac belly band holster inside or outside your loose fit jeans, sweat and yoga pants, or gym shorts and skirts. 

The type of handgun ranges from ultra-compact and pocket guns to the large-frame combat pistols. As for the position of the firearm on your body, you can wear it inside the waistband or outside your pants, in the small of the back, across the body or in the twelve o’clock position. 

The ComfortTac Belly Band holster for concealed carry features two slip pockets, one for your gun and one for additional storage like a knife, pepper spray, spare mag, or even cell phone. The elastic pocket for your weapon or holster has a retention strap, which is secured with a metal clip for silence and discreetness. 

17. Crossbreed Holsters SuperTuck   : Best Concealed Carry Holsters For Glock 23 

Concealed Carry Holster for Glock 23 

CrossBreed Holsters are respected name in the gun community, especially with their famed hybrid style holsters. The flagship CrossBreed SuperTuck holster is inside the waistband (IWB) design that incorporates both leather and Kydex shell for incredible comfort and fast draw. 

As mentioned, these classic hybrid holsters from CrossBreed are combining premium cowhide leather for the front body and backing of the holster with a Kydex molded pocket pouch for tight and snug fit of your Glock 23. 

The CrossBreed Supertuck IWB Holster comes with two belt metal clips which corrosion-protected.  You can adjust the carry angle (cant) and ride height of this holster by changing mounting positions of these steel clips. 

SuperTuck covers the gun’s trigger completely for ultimate safety and trigger control  Since this holster is designed for concealed carry, it is tuckable; it means that you can cover your Glock 23 and holster entirely with a shirt or another clothing layer for deepest concealment. 

This hybrid combination is a perfect rig for the full-sized and mid-size service pistols such as Glock 23 because it does have a large footprint that provides all-day comfort. 

18. The Defender Leather IWB Holster  : Best Concealed Carry Holsters For Glock 26 

By Relentless Tactical For GLOCK 26 All Similar Sized Handguns 

The Baby Glock series pistols are incredibly popular even today after more than twenty years of introduction. So famous backup gun deserves only the best and Relentless Tactical is offering the perfect blend of craftsmanship and functionality in a model called the Defender.  

Defender by Relentless Tactical has concealed carry holster purpose-built for inside the waist band (IWB) carry style. The Defender is constructed from black or brown bullhide leather, somewhat molded to specific make and models. While the natural material of the holster will not irritate your skin, the soft lining inside it will keep the finish on your Baby Glock 26. 

The leather holster features reinforced throat that maintains its shape when the Glock is drawn helping in re-holstering. Quality handmade stitching complements the classic leather appearance, adding a refined look to this holster. 

As you will expect from the leather IWB gear, the Defender does not come with any retention features such as a strap or thumb break to slow down your draw. Since the holster is partly molded to your handgun, it will provide proper security and retention with only the pressure from your waistband. 

The Defender Leather IWB holster is mounted on your belt with a single, sturdy metal belt clip that will hold your Glock 26 in place. As this IWB leather holster is not bulky or cumbersome, using a lower ride height, it will better hide your concealed carry gun. 

Final Thought  

Once you know what handgun you’re going to carry, you need to put some hard thought on carry style and holster type.  

Alongside the standard belt holsters, today you’ll find more and more alternative forms of concealed carry holsters. In the above guide, we have suggested the most popular concealed carry styles currently, but regardless of your method of carry you will decide on, you have to be sure your gun carry gear provides 100 percent safe keeping and handling of your weapon. 

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