How many safeties does a Glock have?

Known for their simplicity, Glocks are a favorite among most people, including civilians and law enforcement agencies. Gaston Glock created different Glock models, with features only varying slightly. What makes them so popular is their few parts, their low cost, and the easy availability. They also tend to be easy to transport due to their small size, making them easy to conceal. If you have been wondering, how many safeties does a Glock have? Read on to find out. 

How many safeties does a Glock have?

It is important to note that the Glock has three safeties if you have been questioning how many safeties does a Glock have? They are all passive and automatic, deactivating automatically when the trigger is pulled. The three safety features discussed below are found in all Glocks in the safe action system and have a fire control system. 

Trigger safety

It is found as a lever on the trigger and is deactivated by pulling the trigger back during the shooting. This safety helps to prevent accidental discharge since the trigger safety must be pulled right in the center with rear pressure to shoot. This way, if the Glock l is dropped or jarred with some significant force, the trigger safety prevents the momentum from activating the trigger safety if the trigger is released. When the safety is in the forward position, it blocks the firing pin and the trigger safety movement from moving rearward.

Firing pin safety

It can also be referred to as the firing pin block or the plunger. Essentially, it is a small cylindrical part. It acts to block the firing pin's forward movement until the trigger is pulled in the ready to fire stance. Once the trigger safety is pulled, the trigger bar rests on the safety ramp and pushes up the firing pin safety, thus freeing the firing pin channel, deactivating it. As the firing pin safety system moves aside from the trigger bar, it allows passageway for the firing pin. After shooting is done, or the user decides not to fire, the firing pin automatically reengages, preventing any shooting and movement of the trigger from occurring due to the safe Action system. A pistol Glock without a firing pin safety block has a drop safety system that uses a titanium firing pin safety.

Drop pin safety

The drop safety lies in the trigger mechanism housing of the Glock. It helps to prevent the trigger bar from dropping until the Glock trigger safety has been released. Once the trigger is pulled backward, the drop pin lowers the safety ramp, releasing the firing pin. After the trigger safety is released, the pin drop safety moves back up, reengaging the firing pin.

The Glock trigger safety

The Glock trigger safety is one of the most discussed gun topics due to the Glock’s popularity. It has three safeties, including a safe action system used in preventing the gun from firing when subjected to pressure or when accidentally dropped. The integrated triggers are safe but leave much to be desired. 

Why don't Glocks have manual safety?

Gaston Glock wanted to create a pistol that was easy to fire in their firearms design without adding levers' complicated use. This choice was aimed at making it easier to use; therefore, the lack of additional levers in the pistol design frame helps in preventing accidental discharges from the pistol. 

Does Glock 22 have safety?

This counts as one of the most famous Glock pistols for law enforcement in the United States. It is a powerful pistol, allowing one to more 40 pounds S&W rounds than any handgun in its class, especially considering its size and weight. Being in the safe action system series, the Glock 22 pistols have 3 safeties.

The Glock 19 safety

Loved for its concealable nature, this Glock is a favorite among both individuals and law enforcement. The Glock 19 safety pistol is in the safe action series, ensuring that the owner is safe while providing them with top of a notch safe action system. The striker-fired Glock pistol 19 system has a magazine capacity that can hold 15 rounds of bullets and fire all of them if the trigger is released. Once the trigger pull is done, the firing pin lug is released in the Glock pistol. Most police departments have switched to Glock pistols because of their lightweight and perfect safe action system.

The Glock 17 safety

The Glock 17 safety pistol has 3 safeties that ensure it is safe for use by both professionals and amateurs. This service pistol has a stock trigger that weighs roughly about five pounds, and its trigger pull is 13 lbs, which is equivalent to 5lb for every single trigger action. Glock 17 and 19 pistols are similar to their trigger bar and pull and drop safety.


The Glock must be carried around in a good holster, one that covers it well and holds it securely. When it comes to using, only engage the trigger safety of the pistol when you are ready to fire, to prevent any accidents from occurring. Always remember that gun safety starts with you and how you handle your firearm. Check out our website for more articles on guns and add your tags for reviews.

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