How To Open A Sentry Safe

When you purchase a Sentry safe in your home, it provides you with a place to safely keep all your valuables. Having a sentry safe in your home is beneficial as it is fire resistant. It provides you with a safe place to prevent unauthorized access to your valuable items, thus, saves you from paying high insurance rates. There are different types of sentry safes; they include a depository safe, a card swipes safe, chest file safe, fire safe, pistol, and drawer safe, home defense center safe, T-line security safe, etc. The most commonly purchased is a fire-resistance safe as it offers protection against fire and theft. Sentry chest products are always tested to ensure that they meet the set performance standards. To purchase a sentry safe that meets your needs, visit any online selling site. You can also watch various ads online to gather information on the types and qualities of safes available in the market. In case you are confused about what to choose, you can ask the sellers questions regarding any safe you are interested in. A sentry safe allows you to store a wide range of items in your safe, ranging from expensive jewelry, money, documents, or even guns. In this article, we’ll discuss how to open a sentry safe, with or without a combination of keys.

How to open a sentry safe 

If you want to learn how to open a sentry safe, you should first understand that you will need to locate your model and serial number if you lose your key. This makes it easy to get a replacement key once you get in touch with the sentry team. If you want to know how to open your sentry safe using your keys, follow these steps. First, locate the left of the keypad and insert the key, then turn the key left-right (clockwise). Key in the five-digit code in your SentrySafe, then press enter. The Sentry safe display will show a green light or an unlock symbol. To open the door, pull the handle down. If you have your key and it still doesn’t open your safe, that might be due to some debris caught in the lock. Any rust on the key or debris inside your safe can affect the quality of your lock. When this happens, spray the key with a master lock lubricant, tap it lightly with a hammer or any heavy equipment available then try it again. You can also use your nail file to open your Sentry lock. The nail file is thin enough to get into the lock and allow you to pick the lock. To get this done, get your nail cutter, and straighten out your nail file. Insert the nail cutter into the lock and shake it or push it until you are in a position to rotate the lock. 

Opening a sentry safe combination 

A sentry safe combination is added as an additional safety measure to enhance your valuables' security at home. Sentry safe has an online platform where you can create an account for your safe. To open the safe, key in the combo using the keypad. You can easily crack your safe if you forget your combination code. In this article, we shall explain in-depth the sentry safe cracking process. First, ensure that you remove the shipping screws, if any, before opening the door. Secondly, look for the combination code; this code is usually indicated on the safe’s user manual, where you will also find the instructions. If the safe is one with a dual key/ combination model, then you should consider inserting the key into the safe keyhole to unlock it. It would be best if you also learned how to program or reprogram your safe combination. Once you notice that some tried cracking your combinations, you can change the codes for precautionary purposes.

Using the sentry safe instructions

The sentry safe instructions provide the steps to follow in opening a combination lock. If it is in either direction, turn the dial to 0. For the old models purchased before 2012; Rotate the dial  to the right-left first  before stopping at the first number in the safe’s combination. Rotate the dial to the right side up to its second  number. Once done rotate the dial of the safe left and stop at its last number in the safe’s combination. For old models purchased after 2012; Turn the dial right about three times before stopping at its first number in the combination, rotate the dial left up to the safe’s second number  in the combination for the second time, turn the dial right to stop at the last number in the combination. (For the combinations, a right dial has the numbers decreasing while a left dial has the numbers increasing.) This shows that all safes do not use the same type of lock system. If you have any challenge in opening your safe, you won't miss a video online that has an answer to your question.

Sentry Safe Combination Instructions

The sentry safe combination instructions are found in the user manual found in the safe. While trying to unlock a safe using the dual key, insert the key safely, and turn it to the unlock position. The next step is to turn the dial to 0, turn the dial to the right, and pass the number 0 three times until the user reaches the combination codes. These sentry combination instructions will help in unlocking safes manually. To open the door, pull the safe’s handle. 

How to unlock a sentry safe

The most asked question is what should one do when you lose your sentry safe keys. We shall discuss in-depth how to unlock a sentry safe. When this happens, it is advisable to call the Sentry team to get a replacement. However, there are other ways you can use to open the safe. It is, however, important to understand that opening your safe takes time. The first method is using two paper clips and a needle nose plier. Even though they look ordinary, paper clips can come in handy when you’re in a fix on how to open your safe. They are useful when picking locks due to their small size and flexible nature. To open your lock using a paper-clip, make sure to do the following. Take the first paper clip, and bend the smaller leg to 90 degrees and the bigger leg to make a wrench pick. Take the second paper clip, bend the smaller leg to 180 degrees, and the bigger leg to 45 degrees to make a feeler pick. Insert the wrench pick on the lower part of the lock while the feeler pick is inserted on the lock's upper part. Keep pressing the feeler pick until you hear a click sound. Repeat this three times. To open the Sentry safe, hold its handle and turn the clips in a clockwise motion. 

Sentry Safe Combination Pattern

Different safes have different combination patterns that offer security to the safes. The Sentry safe combination pattern includes the mechanical lock and the programmable electronic lock, which offer different kinds of high-end security. Both the patterns are reinforced with a dual combination to enhance security to the safes, and they are resettable using the reset code. The pick is inserted on the lock's upper part. Keep pressing the feeler pick until you hear a click sound. Repeat this up to the third time. To open the safe, turn the clips in a clockwise motion.


In this article, we can conclude that it is important to change the batteries to your Sentry Safe occasionally and always adhere to the instructions. Sentry safes go a long way in ensuring that you have some peace of mind regarding your properties' safety. Your valuables cannot be safe without a locked safe, therefore,It is important to ensure that your safe is in good shape and quality so that your valuables can be protected. It also acts as fireproof in the event of a calamity like fire in your building. The alternative methods of opening your safe will ensure that you can get access to your valuables, even when you misplace your key or combination. If you are a visual person, you can always check out a Youtube video to open a Sentry lock. Videos with the highest number of views tend to have a lot of information that can go a long way in helping you solve your lock issues. It also comes in handy to have a network of friends who have the same safes in their homes. This is because you can get cool tricks and tips, and products from your network when you face any Sentry safety issues.

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