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Why Pocket Carry Holster

However, there is one crucial difference between “those time” pocket carry and today's concealed carry in the pocket – it’s a holster.

Unlike the careless bearing of a naked weapon in your pocket, a practice that was followed for many years, a quality pocket holster should keep your firearm securely until needed and it should cover the trigger to prevent a negligent discharge.

Pocket carry holster provides excellent concealment due to the capacity to hide printing using an anti-print panel which outlines of the gun.

There are a variety of reasons why you use a pocket holster. Whether you are outside in summer clothing, or you are in a situation when carrying a larger-frame gun isn't appropriate, a pocket pistol may be a good alternative.

A pocket holster is also a viewable option for a backup weapon to those days we carry a larger handgun.

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What Is Pocket Holster?

A pocket holster is an option for non-traditional concealed carry because many factors are preventing you from conveniently gun carrying.

Pocket holsters are the piece of gear that simplify carrying a self-defense gun, which is small in size and light in weight and keep it at the ready.

As its name suggests, this holster type is best suited for smaller frame handguns, also known as a “pocket pistols”. Besides the miniature pocket-sized handguns, you may opt for those that are still small, although heavier in weight. But if you have large enough pockets and want to carry automatics with plenty of firepowers, then you can carry sub-compact" sized guns like the "baby Glock" sub-compacts.

What is The Best Pocket Holster?

The best pocket holster is indeed a subjective category which is susceptible to the type of firearm, your preference and lifestyle.

When you are looking for the best pocket holster, you should consider at least three things. 

In order to efficiently execute this form of carrying, a pocket holster needs to hold the handgun securely and safely and allow a clean draw from the pocket. Further, you should expect from the best pocket holster to break up the outline of your firearm when it inevitably tries to print.

The pocket-sized handguns are very compact and handy to maintain perfect concealment. Still, you need to keep in mind that those good pocket holsters have to protect the trigger to avoid accidental discharge. You shouldn't allow any small objects like keys could get themselves into the trigger of the pistol as they can snag your pistol on the draw and cause a discharge.

In addition, well-designed pocket holster needs to have some hard portions, rigid enough to keep the holster from being pressed inward into the trigger guard.


When we discuss OWB, IWB or any other belt holster variant, the consensus of gun enthusiasts is that only Kydex or leather are imposed as a solid choice.  The things we like at holsters made of these materials are their rigidity as well as shape and fit to a specific pistol model. Just because of these features, for the pocket holster builds, these materials are not the best choice in most cases. 

For example, having a slick surface, Kydex will not stay in the pocket when a gun is drawn, whereas a leather pocket holster won’t allow a clean draw.

With a pocket holster made of softer materials, this is not the case. Unlike rigid Kydex or leather, materials like nylon and Neoprene will entirely break up the outline of a handgun. Besides, these materials provide some friction that will grip your pant pocket, preventing the holster from going out when you draw your pistol. Moreover, the appropriate shape of holster provides also a smooth and clean draw while leaving the holster in the pocket.

How Does Pocket Holster Work

The pocket holster works for many armed citizens as the primary method of concealment due to a wealth of practical advantages and significant comfort, even when sitting for an extended period.

The pocket holster is not only one of the most convenient and comfortable options, but it’s probably the most natural carrying style because of its casual “ready” access. It means that with a pocket holster you'll always have the element of surprise because you can have your hand on a full firing grip without attracting attention. In a self-defense scenario, it will be an enormous tactical advantage holding a pistol while you are in a completely non-threatening pose.

How to use a pocket holster

Pocket holster may be impractical for some circumstances, but its simplicity of use far prevail those limitations. Whether you use a jacket pocket, front pocket or a back pocket, you just put your self-defense handgun into your pocket and go.

How to wear a pocket holster

The pocket holster is a unit that can be carried in a front pocket and rear pants pocket. Both styles hold the revolver or a semiautomatic upright and use a smooth "anti-print panel" as large as the dimensions of the pistol. The rear pocket designs require you to choose the left or right-handedness while the front pocket style holsters are usually ambidextrous.

How to draw from a pocket holster

Although pocket carry holsters may not be the fastest draw, pocket carry makes it possible as you will have a full firing grip while still maintaining a non-threatening posture. While your hand takes a correct hold, you should pay attention that the draw separates the gun from the holster. With a pocket holster, the tension of your pocket should help the holster to stay firm inside pocket when you draw a firearm.

As with other holster types, drawing from pocket holster requires a different approach and it takes a lot more practice. Plus, if you apply a proper technique draw time will be better than other methods of deep concealment.

There is also one variation of the rear pocket holster known as "wallet holsters." Wallet holsters can provide more concealment and enable the wearer to fire his gun with wallet holster on the gun.

TOP 5 The best pocket holsters choice for 2021

Pocket holsters can be an excellent alternative for the armed citizen. With an explosion of pocket pistols, a number of options for pocket holsters entered the market with some designs allowing you to accommodate a spare magazine for semiautomatic pistols.

Since the choice of your pocket holster is a matter of personal preference, we put together this guide using only good quality pocket holsters with the trigger covered and from reputable manufacturers.

Here's a quick run-down of five of the options available for small pocket semi-autos and revolvers.

DeSantis Gunhide is one of the best pocket holster manufacturers around. Their pocket holster model called Nemesis has been present on the market for many years and almost every pistol made. The DeSantis Nemesis holster is improved over the years and today we have a synthetic holster designed to carry a wide range of concealed carry firearms in a pants pocket.

As a favorite of many conceal-gun carriers, Nemesis satisfies all rules for a holster. An outside surface of Nemesis holster is covered with a grippy fabric known as Neoprene which tends to grab the inside of your pocket and remain there when you draw. The same grippy texture also will prevent your pistol unduly shifting.

While the Neoprene increases friction to hold the holster in place, the interior of the holster is the slick lining which quickly releases the gun on the draw.

The holster material is very good at cushioning the edges of your gun, but at the same time, it's rigid enough to keep you safe with a pocket carry.

The entire holster is well molded, making a good job of masking the pistol. In other words, the outline is sufficiently broken up to keep it concealed.

 Sticky Holsters LG6 Short - for Larger Framed Automatics with a 3" or 4" Barrel

For Larger Framed Automatics with a 3" or 4" Barrel

Sticky Holsters are a renowned manufacturer of unique designed holsters that can be used in sweatpants, shorts, yoga pants and everything without a belt. The Sticky Holster is self-securing holsters that utilize friction and compression to keep the holster in place.

All models weigh less than 3 ounces and are available for all types of handguns, including more than 20 different sizes of firearms.

Sticky Holsters comes with an enclosed design that protects the trigger and trigger guard from accidental access. The Sticky shell-type holster has an exterior made of a three-layer wetsuit-like neoprene material with outer edges covered by nylon webbing folded and sewn around. This rubbery non-slip material will adhere to the fabric in your pocket and stays where it's put during the draw.

The inner lining releases the gun smoothly and efficiently with every draw as it made of rugged black nylon fabric. The mid-layer is a 1/8″ thick lightweight closed-cell foam that masks handgun's outline to enhance its concealment.

As with most pocket holsters, the soft style of Sticky holster will not hold its shape, requiring you to pull the holster out with your free hand to reholster the firearm. In fact, Sticky "strongly recommends" to remove the holster when possible to reholster your weapon.

The Sticky Holsters are modular system because you can wear it in the pocket, IWB, on your ankle and other body positions. The manufacturer is offering for these ambidextrous holsters several accessories in the form of an ankle holster rig, thigh belt system and as unique mount to keep your Sticky Holster and firearm in a car safely.

 Bianchi 152 Pocket Piece Pocket Holster Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3AT, P32 Leather Brown

Safariland Pocket Piece

The Bianchi 152 Pocket Piece Pocket Holster is made of premium full-grain leather and is well stitched, making it an excellent choice for those that prefer leather. Compared to the Nylon holsters, Bianchi design is not as low profile as them, it is wider with a squared-off design to mimic a wallet, but the print through your cloth looks nothing like a gun.

The Model 152 Pocket Piece comes with “inside out” design, meaning that holster features smooth side in and the rough side out to allow for more friction in the pocket.

The Pocket Piece design goes one step further with a couple of things helping you to smoother draw your firearm from the pocket holster.

Besides the rough-out leather that keeps the holster in place during the draw, this leather holster also comes with a unique "Vertical Assist" finger pad or a small push-off point for the thumb. When your hand goes into the gun pocket, your thumb can push down to ensure the gun breaks free from the holster. Along with this thumb ledge, the Bianchi 152 has two hooks that will snag the pocket and further lock the holster in place.

While this Bianchi 152 is designed for small frame revolvers and semiautomatics like Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3AT, there are many other models for different marks and makes.

With typical Bianchi quality construction, the holster holds a carry gun securely while a square shape and stiff flap of leather obscuring the gun’s outline.

Galco PH158 Front Pocket Horsehide

Similar to the Bianchi Pocket Piece, the Galco sports a stiff and durable leather construction that is somewhat gun specific. The model PH158 will fit nice and snug most popular pocket semi-autos and 2" barrel revolvers.

The Galco Front Pocket Holster is built of rough-out texture horsehide with its mouth reinforced by steel for an easier draw. The holster is designed for front pocket carry in pants or a jacket, while the rigid shape keeps the gun upright.

Galco Gunleather has used inside out construction and applied smooth and soft leather inside whereas the rougher leather rides against pocket to cement the unit into place. There is also a double hooked leather shape on the top of the holster, bellow the trigger that is intended to catch the pocket and remain in the pocket during a draw.

The Front Pocket Holster is constructed to cover your handgun and protect the trigger completely. The Front Pocket Holster from Galco Gunleather is an excellent match for a small gun and with ample use of the material it will break up a gun to prevent printing.

As with other pocket designs, Galco strongly recommends that the holster should always be removed from the pocket when holstering the handgun.

 Uncle Mike's Off-Duty and Concealment Nylon OT Inside-The-Pocket Holster

Uncle Mike's is a pioneer in the use of nylon to manufacture holsters and one who sets the industry standard in nylon holsters. The Uncle Mike's Off-Duty and Concealment Nylon Pocket Holster is a more basic and most cost-efficient holster on our list that will suit even the most modest of budgets.

Although most Uncle Mike’s pocket holsters are easily the softest and most conforming, they still hold a gun upright and securely. On the other side, this open-top CCW holster creates grip-up positioning to allow for a smooth draw. For ensuring a good draw also take care of material inside of the holster made of soft nylon which won't mar the finish on your weapon.

When we talk about materials, The Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty pocket holster is made from a synthetic laminate that provides better trigger protection and cushions the leg while blocking perspiration. The laminate design prevents the gun from printing through clothing better than similar holsters. This ambidextrous holster sports a non-slip rubberized band that keeps the holster in place as you draw your firearm.

Most of CCW Uncle Mike’s Nylon pocket holsters are similar, but all of them feature Open-Top design that provides grip-up positioning and makes it easy to conceal and carry.


For sure, pocket carry isn't a perfect way of gun carry for few reasons such as practical limitations on the size of a gun and its ammo capacity or slower draw stroke and inability to draw from your pocket while sitting.

However, using the best pocket holster is an option everyone can afford and practice as it makes a perfect choice for those wearing sports and casual clothing, which is most of us.

Anyway, following old saying that the best gun is the one you have on you, it's better to have a pocket holster with a tiny pistol that you can stick in your pocket and go, than a full-size cannon left in your drawer.

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