Best holster for Glock 19 Reviews And Guides

The Glock 17 is one of the most popular full-size semi-automatic pistol purpose-built for military and law enforcement service. A Glock 17 is designed for every day carry, but for the smaller stature people it isn't going to be the easiest to conceal and pains must be taken to keep it hidden.

That is a primary reason for the birth and creation of Glock 19, who with similar combat potential to the modern service sidearms, comes in a reasonably small package, more appropriate for concealment and self-defense.

As a perfect compromise between concealability and firepower, G19 is proven to be one of the best handguns at the market bestselling for over 20 years.

While the Glock 17 is a perfect home defense pistol, a smaller G19 is one of the best carry guns. Hence a good holster is even more critical because a concealed carry is the default way of carrying G19.

Holster Purchase Tips

After you have decided about your needs and preference, you should familiarize yourself with some general holster purchase tips; otherwise, you'll run into a number of different issues.

Though it comes in an easy to carry package, with 30.16 ounces when fully loaded the Glock 19 is a pretty big and heavy gun, so this means it needs a high-quality holster to handle it. Actually, before holster, the first step is acquiring of good carry belt that is thick and rigid enough to handle the weight of your Glock 19.

Glock 19 Holster carry methods

The next thing you should know is which carry method is the best for a Glock 19. A lot of gun wearers will agree the most common carry positions for G19 are OWB, IWB and Appendix.

While many might go for carrying an inside the waistband (IWB) model, some gun owners are opting for other holster types such as Outside the Waistband (OWB), shoulder holsters, drop leg holster, appendix carry and why not, a Glock 19 ankle holster.

Glock 19 Holster types

There are two types of holsters dubbed as generic and gun-specific. Generic or universal holsters are adjustable and will hold different guns, but they will never have such a perfect fit like a holster that's molded to hold your Glock 19 specifically.

Glock 19 Holster materials

In many ways, holsters should be made only from proven and superb materials like Kydex and leather, which due to their stiffness and rigidity can be slightly uncomfortable and non-flexible. However, if you cannot afford these premium materials, a nylon or Cordura holster will be better than nothing.

Plenty of people do conceal carry with a Glock 19 because that method tends to be the easiest to use with a proper IWB (Inside Waistband) holsters.

The best inside the waistband (IWB) holsters for Glock 19

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 is an improved version of the preceding cloak tucks and though they released newer models (4.0), the Cloak Tuck 3.5 is the best solution for holstering heavy carry weapons such as G19.

This IWB holster comes equipped with a wide back platform which spreads the weight of the gun over a large area providing a comfortable carry, even while you are sitting or driving.

As for the construction, Alien Gear holsters are of the hybrid type, which means they are built from different materials. The system from Alien Gear Holsters specifically combines soft neoprene backing with incorporated layers of spring steel and a retention shell made of a thick layer of custom-molded Boltaron. The edges of the holster base are bound with woven ballistic nylon for greater comfort if worn against the skin.

The plastic holster offers excellent retention since the retention shell is adjustable by simply tightening the screws. You can attach this IWB holster to your belt with two standard nylon clips, designed for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch belts. Besides retention, you can also adjust the ride height and cant (angle) exactly the way you want it.

Since this inside the waistband (IWB) holster design works better for comfort and softer cushioning, it’s a bit too wide to wear at 3 o'clock so many users found practical wearing it at 4 o'clock.

As a well-known holster manufacturer, Alien Gear Holsters offers a great Lifetime warranty and a 30 Day Test Drive trial period.

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

No one Glock holster list cannot be without Concealment Express as an industry leader in concealed carry style systems. Their minimalistic holster design and affordable price tag made them one of the most popular offerings for Glock19, 23 and 32pistols.

This IWB concealed carry holster is wholly made of rigid Kydex, with walls extremely thin of about 1/8th of an inch.  However, this lightweight construction provides stable structural integrity and reliable open form whenever you are re-holstering after use.

Although this is the best budget Kydex IWB holster, it offers many features found on much pricier counterparts. Concealment Express's Kydex holster sports a full sweat shield and fully covered trigger area for the user's safety.  The holster has an adjustable carry angle, but it only adjusts between 0 and 15 degrees.

The CE IWB holster has easily adjustable retention pressure with a tension screw, but it is not as fine-tune capable as other higher-priced holsters. Though the retention pressure can be adjusted with ease, your Glock 19 is held in place by friction only.

Additionally, the retention lock system features an audible click, which allows you to know when your G19 is properly holstered.

Like minimalist Kydex holsters, this one can be worn inside the waistband at virtually any carry position, including appendix carry, as well as hip, cross draw small of the back and anywhere in between.

The Best OWB Holsters For Glock 19

Gould & Goodrich B803-G19 Gold Line Three Slot Pancake Holster

One of the leather gun holster manufacturer with a long tradition and an extensive line of holsters is Gould & Goodrich (G&G) company. They make holsters for almost every carry position, but G&G is the most recognizable for their series of OWB holsters.

The model 803 Three Slot Pancake is a higher quality version of the 733 holster and share the same features with that older model. The 803 is designed for the strong side or cross draw carry, it has three belt slots, and have thumb breaks.

Unlike other pancake holsters, B803 comes with more detailed (more profound) molding to follow the pistol's shape and to allow your pistol to stay securely in place.

As its name says, Three Slot Pancake holster has three slots, where the third slot enables the user to carry his Glock 19 with a forward cant or in a muzzle neutral position. This classic look holster is designed to be carried with belts width of up to 1-3/4 inches.

This G&G holster features a thumb break, which fits G19 very snugly and securely for increased retention.

While the muzzle end of the holster is open, some users complain about the unnecessary length, because the 803 model is about 1/4 inch longer than the Glock 19.

Anyway, the G&G B803 Three Slot Pancake Holster is built of pure leather with a basic finish, and along with a quality leather gun belt, it will keep your Glock 19 snug and secure against your side.



Safariland is one of the big names in the gun accessory industry and especially the famous brand for duty holsters. Besides, standard open carry duty rig, Safariland released a new holster line applying a unique locking system. 

The selling point of this new series is an Automatic Locking System (ALS) in the form of the thumb release button, which provides level 2-like retention for your Glock 19. The system is activated when you drop the gun into the holster and it can’t be removed till you manually release the locking device. The automatic locking system is naturally deactivated when you make a proper grip on the gun and release it with your thumb while you draw.

The holsters in this line are made of a proprietary nylon polymer using a SafariLaminate leather look.  The 6378 version of the ALS differs from the 6377 because it comes with both a 567BL belt loop and injection molded paddle. Though they called it concealment holster, a Safariland ALS 6378 is not the most concealable holster.

The belt loop fits tight, keeping the holster more concealable and forcing it to ride close to the body. On the other side, using included belt paddle will angle the holster away from your person, providing better comfort and an easier reach to the release lever.

As a standard, model 6378 is equipped with the suede lining inside the holster to protect the finish and sights of the G19 pistol.

The Best Shoulder Holsters For Glock 19

Galco Classic Lite

Shoulder Holster System

If you are fun of classic leather and an old school, the shoulder holster like the Galco CL224 Lite model would be perfect for you.  This lightweight shoulder rig is based on Galco's original 1970 design, a legend in the professional gun community.

The Classic Lite is built of quality leather material and it uses the same patented metal hardware such as connectors and unique clover-shaped Flexalon swivel backplate. Since it features natural leather construction, it needs some break-in period like any leather-made holster.

The Galco Classic Lite package includes holster, necessary X straps, a single magazine pouch and a set of system screws. Ammo carrier is positioned on the opposite side to make a counterbalance to your Glock 19.

While the CLS system provides comfort and versatility of the Galco's professional rigs, due to the thinner straps and holster material, it is designed for part-time carry or as a backup carrying option.

Since Galco shoulder straps are made of thin genuine leather, they will have almost unnoticeably printed through your jacket, making this light shoulder holster system excellent for easy concealment.

Galco CL224 Classic Lite Shoulder Holster System comes with the thumb snap and holds your Glock 19 in a horizontal orientation

As one of the cheapest leather shoulder holsters on the market, the Galco CLS rig is available in natural-color and right or left-hand draw version.

Under Control Tactical Shoulder Holster

Best Concealed Carry Shoulder Holster

Under Control Tactical is a family-operated company that offers you a very reasonably priced alternative shoulder system made of durable, rugged nylon to keep your handgun concealed and unnoticed.

Most other nylon shoulder holster is recommended for occasional use like only once or twice a week. Still, this particular holster rig is built of waterproof nylon material capable of withstanding strenuous testing.   Actually, the Under Control Tactical shoulder holster is an excellent option for long-term at the toughest terrains and situations.

The compact and low profile design makes this shoulder holster very discreet and comfortable to use daily.  Like most nylon shoulder holsters this one is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed shooters. This shoulder holster comes with adjustable shoulder straps and with wide shoulder pads that will increase the comfort.

Under Control Tactical is offering this shoulder rig as a universal model that will fit most large framed and medium-sized handguns. As this is a vertical configuration holster, it will carry heavier weapons without problems.

The concealed carry shoulder rig system from Under Control Tactical consists of the universal holster and dual pouches that securely hold two magazines or flashlights.

If you are a first-time buyer who is looking for comfort and a lower price tag, this Under Control Tactical holster is a great option. It offers several advantages over leather, like highly adjustable design, low maintenance and capacity to carry practically anything you may need.

The Best Ankle Holsters For Glock 19

Galco Ankle Lite

Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP, KelTec P3AT, P32 by Galco Gunleather

If you are planning to carry a double stack pistol-like Glock 19 on your ankle, then you should look for something that can support the weight of your heavy gun well and with adequate comfort.

One of the possible candidates designed to accommodate such a big pistol comes from the Galco Gunleather's family of ankle holsters. The Ankle Lite holsters are the successor of two-decades-old design, the Ankle Glove, a concealed carry holster that became one of the most popular and used ankle holsters out there.

The Galco Ankle Lite holster isn't designed to carry a heavy handgun but is constructed from the premium Steerhide and wide neoprene ankle band; the Ankle Lite would be quite supportive of a fully-loaded Glock 19.

Unlike many other ankle holsters made of elastic bands, the Galco Ankle Lite offers classic-look leather holster designed to support and conceal even a medium-sized gun like the Glock 19.

This ankle rig meets the challenge of carrying a big gun in an unconventional area with unexpected wearing comfort and unmatched security. The Galco Ankle Lite's leather holster is attached to the massive ankle strap, made of neoprene and fixed with Velcro.

The neoprene provides a low overall weight, whereas an additional comfort is offered by sheepskin padding between the holster and ankle.

Finally, your G19 is secured in Ankle Lite leather holster with a reinforced thumb break retention strap, while the holster will accommodate any ankle up to a 13-inch circumference.

ComfortTac Ankle Holster

With Calf Strap and Spare Magazine Pouch for Concealed Carry - One Size Fits Most - Fits Glock 19

As a relatively big pistol for ankle carry, the Glock 19 needs a comfortable gun holster able to provide the support required for such a large firearm.

Besides traditional and expensive materials like leather, more and more manufacturers turn to plastics and nylon for their holster models. Comfort Tac makes one of the rare ankle holsters which can accommodate not only your G19 but also its spare magazine.

Along with spare magazine pouch, the low-profile ComfortTac Ankle Holster comes with a second strap called Calf Strap to provide a tight fit to your leg. Compared to other designs, you can carry this holster higher on the ankle, enabling you wearing a full-size or compact pistol with comfort and conceivability.

This lightweight and feature-rich design come in two size options which fit from13 inch up to 17-inch leg diameter, in case you want to wear it high on your leg if you are wearing boots.

While the high-quality neoprene band makes absolute comfort and zero chafings, this versatile ankle holster can be worn on either your right or left leg for right or left-hand draw.

Being a well-taught design, the ComfortTac holster allows for a smooth, rapid and silent draw due to the elastic retention strap with a metal snap which can be silently unsnapped in any situation.

The Best Appendix Holsters For Glock 19

Vedder Holsters LightTuck

IWB Kydex Gun Holster- Glock 19, 23, 32 (Gen 3, 4, 5)

For those who want to give appendix carry a try, there is one rising star in the holster business, named Vedder Holsters. Founded in 2012 and based in the U.S. state of Florida, they make custom concealed carry gun holsters and the LightTuck Kydex is their most popular model.

Featuring the single-clip, Vedder inside the waistband (IWB) holster is made of .080" a thick Kydex to maintain the thinnest profile both in your pants and on your belt.  Without doubt, the LightTuck is on the slimmer side for these types of holsters, making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a minimalist piece of gear. However, the great concealment is also credited by the Vedder's 1.5" sturdy spring steel clip that won't budge off the belt for anything.

Initially designed for strong side inside the waistband carry, the LightTuck, due to its sleek holster body and clip is a surprisingly comfortable option for appendix carry (AIWB).

Most people will carry Vedder holster around the 3- 5 o’clock location as a standard IWB rig, but since the versatile LightTuck boasts 30 degrees of adjustable forward a reverse cant angle and three adjustable ride height settings, it will be perfect for AIWB carry, even for a gun large as Glock 19.

The holster's adjustable cant and ride height can be adjusted with two screws, whereas the retention can also be adjusted by tightening the screw and rubber bushing inside the Kydex shell.

This is not cheap holster, but it incorporates many valuable features like a channel for the front sight and polished smooth edges of the Kydex, so you won't have to worry about the finish of your G19.


Full Grain Heavy Leather IWB Conceal Carry Gun Holster for Glock 19 G19 9mm / Glock 23 G23 .40 / Glock 32 G32 .357 / Glock 38 G38 .45GAP

Another holster from the family-owned company, come from OutBags USA, and similar to the Vedder this holster model allows you to wear it in more than just the IWB position.

OutBags USA IWB holster will allow you for more natural positioning due to the simple design and small waistline clip profile. While this LS2 model holster will not work for outside pants (OWB) or small-of-back (SOB) carry, it is a great choice for inside the waistband carry in just about any position. It means the average concealed carry permit holder can comfortably carry their firearm in AIWB position throughout the day.

Designed for concealed IWB carry, this OutBags appendix holster is handmade from hand-dyed, full-grain leather ensuring a durably constructed holster. The LS2 is their tuck-n-go style holster, built of strong, thick leather with the re-enforced holster mouth to allow for single-handed re-holstering.

Although "slightly" molded to the gun, like any leather holster, this one needs some break-in time to conform to your body and the weapon.

Cheap leather holsters are tricky business, but if you are looking for a more traditional, authentic leather holster for a third of the price of similar products, the OutBags LS2 model will impress not only you but any of your shooting range fellow members.

The Best Drop Leg Holsters For Glock 19

Orpaz Drop-Leg Holster

Orpaz Drop-Leg holster comes from Israel, a state with the one of most developed defense and tactical equipment industry and country where these products have been tested under the most severe combat conditions.

As a result, Orpaz Holsters has released a modular basic Kydex holster platform that can be used in variety carry styles and positions. Along with standard OWB mode with belt and paddle options, you can also wear it in a low-ride manner and as a drop-leg holster.

A top of this, the Orpaz drop leg holster is fully adjustable, allowing you to adjust this holster in a 360-degree rotation for the perfect cant (angle) and ease of draw and retention level. According to your preferences, you can adjust both features, the cant and a tightness screw, using an included M5 Allen key.

In Drop-Leg version, you can additionally personalize your draw style choosing one of two levels of heights to install your holster.

The thigh rig attachment system includes a polymer thigh base frame with comfortable padding and the durable webbing straps. The Orpaz Holster is custom molded with Nylon 6 strongly reinforced Polymer, which is chemical and abrasion-resistant.

Orpaz Glock 19 Dropleg Holster is one of the top models not only for the adjustability but also for the security. It boasts a level 2 retention, using a thumb lock and release mechanism that should be enough for the majority of civilians.

As a well-thought design, the Orpaz Glock 19 thigh holster has a sight channel to keep your pistol’s sight protected.

UTG Ops Universal Tactical Leg Holster - Gen II

Another proposal comes from Leaper's brand UTG, and it is called Special Ops Universal Tactical Leg Holster Gen II. This tactical holster is intended to be wearied as drop leg holster whereas its universal design will fit larger and medium handguns such as your Glock 19.

UTG's Special Ops Leg Holster is made of synthetic leather and ballistic nylon materials. While the fit isn’t as secure as Kydex holsters, a nylon mesh at the thick padding will prevent the holster from moving out of place when running or squatting.  Alongside a non-slip holster pad, this lightweight UTG tactical gear comes with a fully adjustable and removable leg strap coated with non-slip rubber-like 'strips' to make sure the holster won't slip away from its original position.

As previously said, the Leaper UTG holster due to its universal design can accommodate a myriad of different pistols. Still, as a bonus, on the forward side, there is a single magazine pouch that will fit a double-stack high-capacity 9mm mag or large size tactical folding knife or a LED flashlight.

As you would expect from the holster designed for tactical use, the Leaper UTG Special Ops holster has double thumb break security system which guarantees full control of your Glock 19 and provides you with comfort and the confidence that your equipment is secure.


Your Glock 19 offers you a full grip, a 15-round magazine and for sure it is not a small weapon, but it is not hard to conceal if you choose the right holster. We have presented above a quality choice of CCW holsters and carry options for almost any positions on your body.

However, if you can afford open carry style than a drop leg or thigh leg style holsters would be the most comfortable and secure way of carrying your Glock 19.

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